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6 Reasons to Study in France


Are you considering studying in France? Maybe you’re looking into a study abroad programme in the country? Or maybe you’d like to do your entire degree in France? Whatever your situation, EDUopinions is here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 reasons to study in France and explain what makes the country such a great place for students.

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Is it a good idea to study in another country?

For many people, studying abroad is a great way to expand their horizons, learn about a new culture and meet new people—all while continuing your university education! Studying in another country can help develop confidence and teach you to be a problem-solver, both of which are important personal and professional skills. To learn more about studying in another country check out EDUopinions’ helpful resources like this article on the 10 best countries to study in Europe.

Do I need to speak French to study in France?

In short, yes and no. The French are not known for their impeccable English skills, so having a basic level of French can take you a long way. Knowing how to order food, communicate with shopkeepers and do basic administrative tasks in French is pretty essential, but not hard to learn!

If you have no knowledge of French, don’t let this stop you from studying in France—instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn. Many universities and business schools in France offer French lessons to students who don’t yet speak the language. As well, immersing yourself in a francophone environment is truly the best way to learn.

EDUopinions’ 6 Reasons to Study in France

International experience

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The first on EDUopinions’ list of reasons to study in France is rather general but very important. Studying in France, and any foreign country for that matter, provides you with international experience. Gaining international experience allows you to see the world in a new way, better understand cultural differences and adapt yourself to another way of life. For this reason, studying abroad can be considered an extremely enriching experience in terms of your own personal development.

Furthermore, international experience is more valuable than ever in today’s hyperconnected world. Businesses are always looking for professionals who have international experience, as it signals their willingness to grow, take risks and embrace different backgrounds. Even on its own, the chance to gain international experience is reason enough to study in France.

Learning a new language


As mentioned above, speaking French is fairly important in France. Because of this, the country is a great place to push yourself to learn a new language, as the opportunities to speak English or your native language may be limited compared to other European countries where English is more widely spoken. What’s more, many universities and business schools offer their students French classes.

Learning French has countless benefits. First, it allows you to communicate with the 300 million French speakers around the world. Second, it is a helpful language to speak for business and international relations purposes, with both fields using French as a working language. Third, learning French can help you learn other Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. For more reasons why learning French may be a good idea, check out this government article on 10 good reasons to learn French.

Tradition of high-quality education


Another reason to study in France is the country’s century’s long tradition of high-quality education. Well-known schools like Université Paris – Sorbonne and Sciences Po have earned their excellent reputations for good reason, but France is home to countless other world-ranking education institutions in nearly every discipline. For law, Panthéon – Assas University and Université Paris Nanterre are incredible options. For fashion design, the Institut Français de la Mode is one of the best places in the world to study. As detailed below, France is home to some of the world’s best business schools too. With so many excellent institutions of higher education, your learning potential in France is unparalleled.

Business opportunities

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Next, France is one of the world’s most active markets for business opportunities and has access to the large European single market. Another great reason to study in France is to familiarise yourself with French business either through your studies or in a professional capacity. France is home to several of the world’s best business schools, meaning it is an ideal place to launch your career. Skema Business School, EDHEC Business School, INSEAD Business School and HEC Paris are some of the highest-ranked institutions of their kind and are known for their international student body and atmosphere.

For non-European students, the French government offers a temporary resident permit (autorisation provisoire de séjour) to recent graduates which lasts one year, allowing you to search for work during that time. All things considered, France is a great place to study if you want to pursue a career in business.

French culture

MBAs in France

Of course, studying in another country isn’t just academics and career planning—immersing yourself in the country’s culture and traditions is arguably even more enriching! In France, there is no shortage of cultural experiences to be had. Food and wine are a major focus of French culture and a good way to learn more about the country, its different regions and even its history. In addition to cuisine, other major aspects of French culture include art, fashion, history, literature and lifestyle of work-life balance.

Now, it is worth mentioning that while many people may associate French culture mostly with the country’s capital city of Paris, there is plenty to explore across all of France! Cities like Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille have their own cultural heritage and are definitely worth exploring. As well, spending time in the countryside can be a great way to see another side of France. All in all, experiencing French culture can take many forms but will most definitely be a worthwhile adventure!

Support for students in France

Last but certainly not least, another reason to study in France is the high level of support offered to students. One of the biggest advantages of studying in France is that if you attend a public university, you will pay almost nothing in tuition! Public universities in France are tuition-free for the most part and require only a small administrative fee.

If you plan to study in a large city in France, the cost of living can be pretty high. Thankfully, the government and universities work hard to support students financially. To help offset the cost of rent, students can apply for aide personnalisée au lodgement and receive several hundred Euros per month. As well, most museums and cultural attractions are either free to students or offer significant discounts. Finally, university campuses are great places to access various resources like psychological support, immigration advice and more.

Conclusions on these 6 reasons to study in France

We at EDUopinions hope this article has helped cast light on why studying in France can be such a rewarding experience. Of course, if you have any questions about studying abroad or want help finding the perfect university, feel free to reach out to one of EDUopinions’ free personal advisors !

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 8th of September 2021. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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