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8 Highest-paying Business Majors


Earning a degree in business isn’t always a bed of roses. In order to make an informed decision, and pursue a career that is likely to pay off in the future, it’s worth determining the highest-paying business majors well in advance. Keep reading to discover the 8 most lucrative degrees and take your professional life into your own hands!

Why is it worth getting a business degree?

Choosing one of the highest-paying business majors gives graduates a unique opportunity to become familiar with various business principles, and strategies well before they start their professional careers.

Thanks to having an appropriate background in business, graduates can work in a number of environments such as corporate, government, fashion, agriculture, manufacturing, or non-profit organizations. This gives them a wide array of possibilities to choose from, making it easier to work in a setting that suits one’s best.

In addition, a business degree teaches graduates how to think critically, solve problems, and make accurate executive decisions. These are essential skills that are valued in any workplace.

Moreover, people specialising in this field can boast relatively attractive salaries which makes the highest-paid business majors flexible, strategic, and lucrative options.

What are the best paying business majors?

Business studies jobs

Getting a business degree can open your door to numerous career opportunities. However, as you may guess, some of them are more profitable than others.

What are the highest-paid business degrees that are worth considering? 8 options to choose from:

  • marketing – if you want to develop analytical skills, and learn about customer behaviour, product merchandising, or a campaign organisation, this might be the right fit for you. Marketing studies will teach you how to make the most accurate and strategic business decisions concerning areas such as sales, promotion design or management.
  • logistics – a degree in logistics will prepare you for a career in coordinating and overseeing the movement of goods and materials. Many graduates find work in the transportation and storage industries, but there are also opportunities in other sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and even healthcare.
  • accounting – an accounting degree will give you the right skills to work in various fields such as auditing, tax, and management consulting. You’ll learn about financial reporting, taxation and financial statement analysis.
  • securities and investments – if you want to discover the secrets of investment planning, financial reporting, and hedge funds, you should get a degree in investments and securities. This way, you can pursue a career as a financial service sales agent, strategy investment manager, or investment consultant.
  • human resource management – with a degree in human resources, you can find a job as a personnel recruiter, benefits coordinator, or training and development manager. The coursework covers topics such as labour relations, performance management, and employee assessment.
  • entrepreneurship  – an entrepreneurship degree will allow you to develop skills essential to start your own business or help grow an existing one. The coursework covers topics such as small business management, marketing, and financial accounting.
  • economics – this degree will give you an in-depth understanding of how people use and exchange goods and services. After graduation, you can work as an economic consultant, financial analyst, or market research analyst.
  • e-commerce – are you dreaming about a career in the ever-growing field of online business? To learn about website design, online marketing, electronic payment systems, and similar fields, choose e-commerce which is one of the best paying business majors.

The takeaway

Choosing high-paid business majors can open your door to a successful career. Select a university that suits you best and learn essential business skills, such as accounting, marketing, and management. With the right expertise and qualifications, graduates can land high-paying jobs in a variety of industries.

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