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What are Micromasters and Which Universities Offer Them?


Have you ever heard about micromasters? They are short programmes that you can follow online next to other occupations. These programmes are excellent to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and improve your career prospects.

In this article, EDUopinions introduces you to the concept of micromasters by explaining what they are, what fields of study they cover, and how they could benefit you.

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What is a Micromaster?

Micromasters are online graduate courses for individuals who want to acquire a specific set of skills or knowledge. Micromasters are provided by the online platform EdX, in partnership with various universities. Nevertheless, other online education platforms such as Coursera offer equivalent programmes.

Micromasters usually include a full semester’s worth of work in a normal master. Yet, they can be taken over a personalised period of time. Indeed, they are often followed next to other studies or a job. Therefore, you can choose to cram through all of the courses in a few weeks or spread your learning through several months by only studying for a couple of hours a week.

Are Micromasters recognised?

Are micromasters worth it?

At the end of any micromaster, you will receive a certificate if you have successfully completed all assignments. Most industries and universities recognise these certificates. Indeed, they might enable you to reduce your credits load for future master degrees. In Addition, you can easily add your certificate to your CV and drastically improve your value on the job market.

How much does a Micromaster cost?

Micromasters can cost anywhere between EUR 300 and EUR 4,000. Yet, you are not required to pay in order to start a programme. The platforms running these programmes usually allow you to follow a few classes and decide if you want to complete all courses. Only then will you be required to pay to continue the programme.

What are the most popular Micromasters fields of studies?

Is micromasters recognized?

Micromasters in management, entrepreneurship and data science are the most popular. You will also find a plethora of law, technology and finance programmes. Moreover, the diversity of micromaster degrees offered in each of these fields is significant.

What are the benefits of studying a Micromaster?

Micromasters can be self-paced, meaning that you make your own study schedule and watch pre-recorded lectures at your own pace over a period of time chosen at the beginning of the course. Alternatively, some micromasters are instructor-led, meaning that you have class hours to attend and respect strict deadlines.

These programmes enable you to follow specific courses without actually being enrolled in the university nor paying tuition fees for an entire master degree. Additionally, anyone can follow these programmes. Therefore, you can follow courses from some of the most renown universities in the world without going through their demanding selection processes.

Which are the best universities offering Micromasters?

Several universities around the world offer such programmes. In general, the universities that offer micromasters are well established educational institutions that have proven their worth at a national and international level. Yet, the best universities offering micromasters are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University, which respectively rank at the 1st, 16th and 19th position in the QS ranking for the best universities in the world.

Is a Micromaster worth it?

Micromasters are en excellent way to acquire skills and knowledge in a chosen field, and subsequently, give you the opportunity to continue studying this field as a full master, or advance your career. Additionally, they are structured so that you can follow them next to other obligations, such as another degree or a job. Therefore, following a micromaster is a great investment for your learning and your future.

In conclusion, what is a micromaster? They are state-of-the-art online degrees that you can follow next to your job or another degree. They offer courses in several fields, with credits that can often be transferred to a full master degree. Additionally, employers highly value the certificates that you can obtain through these courses. You will find further information about adding value to your CV in our article about the core of job application.

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