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The Most Affordable Online Masters in Management


For many, pursuing a master’s degree is a great way to advance their business career. That said, graduate programmes can be costly and sometimes involve relocation. Fortunately, the number and quality of online universities has dramatically increased in recent years, meaning you can earn a high-quality education from anywhere in the world, without disrupting your current work situation. In this article, EDUopinions has compiled a list of the most affordable online masters in management to help you find the most flexible degrees at the greatest value.

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How much does an online masters degree cost?

Online masters degrees are typically less expensive than on-campus programmes, which range from €5,000 to over €20,000. Of course, online masters degrees can fall within this price range as well, but the programmes on this list have been selected because of their great value and quality. To give you an idea of the affordability, the degree programmes on this list start at €1,200.

Do employers look down on online masters degrees?

Many may be concerned about how an online masters degree will be seen by employers. Thankfully, online universities have improved their pedagogy and interactivity over the past few years, meaning employers have no need to worry about the quality of your education. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many students to transition to distance learning, which has helped to normalise online education and bolster its legitimacy in the eyes of employers.

Is this a difficult programme?

A masters in management is a challenging degree, but certainly doable. This type of programme usually requires some prior knowledge in economics as well as experience or familiarity with the business world. Another challenge to consider is staying motivated while studying remotely; creating a routine for yourself is a great way to stay on top of your coursework. Overall, a masters in management is no small undertaking but committing to it can really pay off in the long run.

EDUopinions’ list of the most affordable online masters in management:

Master in Management at EU Business School (Spain)

First, EU Business School offers a one-year master in management, which is an excellent option for anyone looking for a flexible and high-quality programme. This degree offers three different start dates (in October, January and March) and focuses on training business leaders capable of adapting to the rapid changes taking place in today’s markets, politics and societies. A benefit of this programme is that it is dually-recognised; students graduate with a state-recognised degree from Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and a degree from EU Business School in Switzerland, which is recognised by many international business accreditations. Expert academics, entrepreneurs and industry leaders come together at EU Business School to provide students with a top-notch education, preparing them for successful careers after graduation.

Master in Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences – Online (Germany)

The next degree on EDUopinions’ list of the most affordable online masters in management is offered by IU International University of Applied Sciences in Germany. This degree includes a special focus on soft skills training to complement the curriculum’s more analytical content. Consisting of two semesters over the course of a year, this programme requires students to write a master thesis, which is a great opportunity to delve into a specific field of interest and gain expertise for their career. Another bonus of this programme is its cost, which is only €1200 for the year! Finally, for those who want to learn another language, IU may be just the place for you, as the university offers German lessons to all interested students. Clearly, this degree has a unique potential to launch your career into a success.

MSc in Strategic Management at Apsley Business School (UK)

Located in the UK, Apsley Business School offers an MSc in strategic management, which is another top-notch option to consider. This masters degree is targeted at business professionals looking for the next step to elevate their careers. At Apsley, students learn how to convert their ideas into real, accomplishable goals. The content of their MSc in strategic management is particularly science and research-based, imparting a theoretical foundation on students to help them achieve in whatever their field of work may be. What’s more, Apsley maintains a wide network of contacts, meaning students can make connections for their future careers before they even graduate. Without a doubt, Apsley offers one of the most affordable online masters in management without compromising on quality.

Online Master in Management at EMAS

Last but certainly not least, EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School offers another one of the most affordable online masters in management. Their master degree in management costs just €3,500, significantly less than most other programmes of its kind. This six-month starter MBA programme is an intensive degree preparing you for further specialised studies. After completing this degree, students can choose from a number of specialised MBAs at EMAS and even apply the tuition fees they have already paid, making it an especially worthwhile investment. Finally, students at EMAS have incredible things to say about their experiences at the school. Just see what Mario wrote:

Strategic Management
Challenge yourself

EMAS helping you to grow up your career very fast if you are ready to challenging yourself. Andrey and his team will be helping you to develop the diamond where is in you and everyone can see it.
Do you want to achieve the next level in your career?
Then you have to start your journey with EMAS.

Programme: Strategic Management
Degree: PhD
Graduation: 2020
Campus: Nizhny Novgorod
Career Prospects
Student Life

Conclusion about the most affordable online masters in management

Each of the schools on this list has something unique to offer students. We at EDUopinions hope you have a better idea of what options exist in terms of masters in management. If you need more help finding affordable online programmes, feel free to reach out to EDUopinions for free personalised advice!

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