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Choosing your path as an international student – How the right choice can change the course of the future


Over 40 years, Nova School of Business & Economics cemented its position as the leading business school in Portugal in the areas of Business, Economics, and Finance. Its success is explained by the school’s core values and mission that illustrate how it cares to make a difference.

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First and foremost, it strives for excellence in all its activities, from students’ admissions to academic analysis, research, and school management, thus preparing the leaders of tomorrow to be the difference they want to see in the world. But it also fosters impact and connectivity as invaluable resource tools to transform the world in responsible and inclusive ways and empowering each member of its community to contribute to an open, sustainable, and more inclusive world.

Though traditional at heart, Nova SBE was born out of disruption and to disrupt. It has a naturally bold and vanguardist culture, which is ruled by an innovative mindset that is not afraid to take chances. This also leaves room for its worldliness, which is fostered by its will to work with everyone and anyone who strives to create positive change and cross-cultural synergies.

The school’s open attitude enhances diversity in all its dimensions, and that’s why, once you set foot on its bright new campus, you’re immersed in this Nova way of being a school, based in Portugal and open to the world.

And as an open community, it stands as a meeting point to societal forces around the world, and it welcomes a new generation of global citizens so that they can grow confident, develop insight, and aspire to improve the world.

Being fully committed to growing internationally and being located in Portugal, with rich history and culture, it is the perfect setting for all international students with its all-taught English courses and its student-oriented, collaborative, and advanced programs.

Nova SBE

Its internationalization strategy includes classes taught in English and exchange programs with external and partner universities and internships in foreign companies. The Bachelor’s in Economics and Management programs are a perfect example of how it equips all students, from all nationalities, to cross borders and find their place in an international community eager to learn and develop together.

The Bachelor’s programs at Nova SBE were thus designed to help students gather the necessary knowledge, skillset, and mindset for their learning journey while opening their doors to a demanding job market or continuing their studies and keeping exploring their passions.

As Professor Ana Balcão Reis, Director of the Undergraduate Programs and President of the Pedagogical Council states, “Our Bachelor’s programs are designed to attend to the needs of future professionals in an ever-changing landscape. Students from all nationalities and backgrounds are motivated to work together in programs fully taught in English so that they can encourage one another to reach their full potential while developing their analytic and soft skills and applying them to the real world.”

The Bachelor’s in Economics, for instance, stands on a selection of core courses that contribute to the development of a solid training in Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods. Students acquire a balanced mix of technical and scientific knowledge besides receiving a general education in related areas, such as law and social sciences. All courses are ready for both Portuguese and non-Portuguese students as they are all taught by renowned international faculty, and circa 40 % of the student body is already international.

The Bachelor’s in Management, on the other hand, is based on a selection of core courses that contribute to the development of solid training in Management, Marketing, and Business. Students acquire a balanced mix of technical and scientific knowledge with this Bachelor’s program besides receiving a general education in related areas, such as entrepreneurship, information systems, and European law.

“As Programming is a global language, it makes sense to include it as a mandatory course in both programs. Acquiring this skill means that our students will be well equipped to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and help them develop the necessary flexibility in a rapidly shifting digital economy.”, underlines Professor Ana Balcão Reis.

Both programs foster an active connection with the school’s corporate and Alumni community, given that they work across multiple industries and geographies and place Nova SBE at the center of an exciting ecosystem of opportunities from where students can continue uncovering their (professional and personal) path.

Nova SBE

Whether students are arriving from high-school or already have a considerable academic and professional background, the school’s countless initiatives, projects, and ventures are designed to help them reach their goals. Quite quickly, one is immersed and breathes this Nova Way of Life, as the school stands every day as an open ground for a new way of learning, sharing, and growing together.

And as an open community of world citizens, international candidates who do not hold a European Union nationality nor have been living in Portugal for the past two years can apply and be part of this Nova kind of school until April 30, 2021. Non-European international students who wish to apply for a Bachelor’s degree at Nova SBE will have to present their application by filling in the Pre-University Semester (PUS) application form first.

Quite simply, PUS works as a means to an end, given that it was built to help non-European students adapt to the European teaching system. It aims to level up the candidates’ technical knowledge and provide the required language skills (when and if needed) to students who wish to apply to a Bachelor’s degree or integrated Master’s in one of NOVA’s schools.

Candidates to this Pre-University Semester must hold a high school diploma or a document that attests to high school completion and have a minimum of B1 fluency in Portuguese or English (depending on the Bachelor’s language’s degree you want upon completion of the program).

For Nova SBE specifically, applicants will be asked to take an online or in-person Mathematics or a Principles of Microeconomics test. This is an eliminatory step, and applicants should have a minimum score of 50/100. If needed, afterward, two skype interviews will be arranged – one regarding the applicant’s motivation letter and the other to address further Mathematics or Principles of Microeconomics skills.

If successful and meeting the necessary requirements, students may choose any of Nova SBE’s Bachelor’s courses and be challenged to grow and determine their place in this world. On top of this global community that continuously empowers itself, students will get the chance to set foot on a campus that is the personification of the perfect balance of academic goals, business aspirations, and the Lisbon lifestyle.

Nova SBE

Cozy inside and sunny outside, the new campus benefits from the fantastic Lisbon weather and invites students to go outside as much as they want. Carcavelos is safe, welcoming, and exciting and stands for the archetype of Portuguese reality – near the metropolis yet close to the sea. The renewed space encourages new teaching approaches that focus on student interaction and collaborative learning, rather than being solely focused on the teacher.

Besides the modern student residences, classrooms and auditoriums, it includes several co-working spaces, health facilities, stores, restaurants, a gym… and then, of course, there’s the beach.

Quite simply, it is a great place to be! And until April 30, 2021, students from all backgrounds and all corners of the world can write the bright new chapters of their life there.

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