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How to live an Erasmus life without going out of your city?


Around 120.000 students leave home to study abroad in another European country each year. The Erasmus experience opens your mind; it is also an excellent opportunity to meet people from different cultures and countries as well as giving you the chance to grow and expand your horizons. This might sound breathtaking.. but, What happens with those students that have not had the opportunity to do an Erasmus?

Are you one of them? In this article, you will find some tips to live an Erasmus experience without leaving home.


Get out of your comfort zone


How to live an Erasmus life without going out of your city


The first thing an Erasmus has to get through is to deal with some tasks that he or she is not used to. Daily activities such as shopping for food, cooking, managing the money of the month… Those little things help them to become more independent and teach them how to get by for themselves. Start by giving up things that are convenient and create new habits. If you want to start an Erasmus life in your city, you have to think like one.



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Meet new people


How to live an Erasmus life without going out of your city


Surely you have heard of some friends, that have travelled abroad, and met new people and they can´t stop talking about how much fun they had. They have a lot of exciting and improvised plans. Wake up! There are a lot of great people in your city, and you still have not met them. One does not have to take a plane to make some friends. What you could take into consideration is to join your Erasmus university club to help some other international students and guide them into the campus life. Furthermore, you could also join a sports club, as well as going to some language exchanges planned in some local bars. The idea is to practice another language while you are meeting people from other parts of the world.  


Discover new places


How to live an Erasmus life without going out of your city


I bet there are plenty of unusual hidden places that you don’t know about in your country or city.

Now that you have new friends is the time to create memories. Get on your best creative and outgoing side! One crazy thing you could do is to take a map, open it and make an improvised plan. Point out the places that you don’t know, and you always wanted to go. Generally, the people who come to your city to study are in the same travel mood. Make the most of the trip and be open to new experiences.



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These recommendations to have the best of an Erasmus life in our city might sound a little bit unusual. Start acting like a little kid in the kindergarten is not always easy, but what do you have to have in mind is that most of the international students coming to your city are looking for people like you. They came to improve the language and meet interesting local people. The most important thing is to be yourself and forget the Shame!


Are you an Erasmus looking for local people?

How did you meet them?

Let us know in the comments below!


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