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What It’s Really Like to Study at Montpellier Business School 2


Vidya Vallura is from India and is currently studying abroad in France. She is completing her second master’s – an MSc in Digital Management at Montpellier Business School.

EDUopinions brings you her first-hand account of studying in the South of France.

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I came here to do a second Master’s in Digital Management.

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Why Did You Choose MBS?

My subjects of interest like Innovation Management, Digital Management, Lean Management… Subjects which I didn’t find in many universities in India or many other places.

The First Days

When I came to Montpellier Business School, we had a good introduction. Some professors (who) came and spoke with us, and some great student associations, so I felt very comfortable when I came here, and since my MSc is for 15 months, the courses immediately started, so we had a lot of projects.


The Student Network

We had spoken with some of the alumni, we have a great alumni network. So I was in touch with them over LinkedIn and they were really available over Skype. So I found a great connection and I’m glad to see that all of us are pleased, all of them have great jobs.

Studying in the South of France

Yes, I’m not very good with French yet! I’m on the way to learn it. But yes, I prefer France for its very culture, beautiful weather in Montpellier… and it’s a sunny city. I feel a close relationship with it, just like home because it’s hot in the summer, then I really enjoy it here.

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The International Dimension

You find people from different backgrounds. It has a lot of different, diverse cultures. I have seen people from Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh… It’s a great collaboration of different mindsets. You get to know different cultures, that’s the best part! And most of them speak English, so I never found like I can’t communicate. Most of the French people, they try their best to speak with me in English which I found very nice because I never learned their language and they welcomed me to their country.


For me, it made my life, it changed my life. I’m definitely not worried about the future.


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