5 Things To Do Between Your Uni Classes

5 Things To Do Between Your College Classes


How to become more productive between classes

Is your degree one with many different groups for every subject and with overlapping classes? Have you been forced to choose a lousy schedule with classes between both mornings and afternoons and several dead hours between some of them? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! Even though it may be uncomfortable and annoying, you can get some advantages out of those seemingly dull and unproductive hours between lecture and lecture. We will show you how in this article! Just don’t get carried away by lousy mood!


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Go to the closest library

Why not using the time to your advantage and advance a little with your homework or that essay that you have to hand in in a week? Usually, college libraries have a quiet atmosphere which propitiates concentration and… a lot of resources within everyone’s reach! If you are working on a project or need to do some research about a particular topic, in a university library there are plenty of books that could help you and also, in many cases, computers with internet access, so why not give them a try? Also, if you enjoy reading and are currently looking for a new book to “dive into”, this is the perfect place for your search. Don’t think that college libraries only contain textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias! They can also be the home to many different and exciting books! Novels, poetic anthologies, plays… you choose!


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Arrange for a tutorship

 In case you find yourself struggling with a specific subject or merely need a little help, a tutorship could come in handy for you. Most teachers have a specified time for tutoring their students, so check your different syllabi and teaching guides to get better acquainted with those periods of time. More often than not, the tutoring periods may precisely coincide with your break time! However, if that’s not the case, you can always resort to speaking with your professor and ask if there could be another time available for a tutorship. If you explain your situation politely to him/her, and your professor sees you genuinely interested in the subject, he/she is more likely to arrange for you.


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Participate in different activities your university offers

 You can look around the halls and corridors of your faculty at the various posters and notices. Usually, they will talk about different seminaries or conferences which you can attend, and doing so is an informative and exciting way of occupying those obnoxious dead hours between class and class. On the other hand, you might also find several advertisements about the various extracurricular clubs you could join. If you find out about something that tickles your fancy, why not give it a shot? Apart from being a great opportunity of making friends and meeting new people, there are some activities which offer you the chance of gaining some extra credit, something that could be very useful for you as you advance in your degree.


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Become a mentor or a tutor yourself!

 You can use the extra time you have to help some other students. Inform yourself of the tutoring programs many universities have, especially concerning assisting international students to get around, which usually offer you the possibility of gaining some extra credits as well. If you are an open-minded person who enjoys learning more about different cultures and languages, you can also offer particular lessons of your native language and make some money with that; or merely participate in various exchange programs. This way you will be able to meet some interesting new people and maybe even improve your communicative skills in a different language!


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Kick back and relax a little!

 Especially if you have had a stressful time in your previous classes. Sometimes, the only thing that works is taking some time-out. Allow yourself now and then to wind down and take your mind off whatever is making you nervous for a while. So go to your college cafeteria and treat yourself to a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or just a lovely herbal tea! You can also go for a walk through your campus’ grounds, to breathe some fresh air and do some physical activity. As you stroll by, you can put your earphones on and listen to something soothing: Classical music or Enya could be some good choices. In case you’ve had a horrible day (they sometimes happen, inevitably)… looking up photos of cute puppies and kittens online is an infallible way to cheer yourself up!


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What do you usually do during your free time in college, while you wait for the next class? Do you know any other activities you can do to make those dead hours more “alive”? Share your experiences and your suggestions with us in the comment section!

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