Universidad del Zulia - LUZ Review

Maracaibo, Venezuela
Ana Virginia
It has been in better condition

Despite having been one of the best universities in Venezuela, it is not at its best now. The conditions of the infrastructure in the different faculties is deplorable, it falls apart; from the most basic to the not so basic. The bathrooms are a disaster, as are the classrooms, corridors and walkways. The uncontrolled insecurity; and the benefits that you previously had as a right to be a student, and almost all are extinct. It should be noted that all of the above is the result of the socio-political-economic situation of the country; In spite of this, the spirit of the University of Zulia (our alma mater) struggles to keep up with the last professors who still remain in the nation (all excellent professionals, for the most part), who strive to teach in the best way possible. possible and with students who still have hopes of seeing our university again like it once was. Careers and their pensums are all interesting, complete and well thought out to graduate quality professionals. There is also companionship in both students and teachers, administrative and workers (typical of our town).

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