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Locations: Maracaibo, Venezuela

The University of Zulia, also known as LUZ, is located in the beautiful city Maracaibo in Venezuela. It is one the largest and most popular universities in the country. The university’s roots can be traced back to 1891 when the Federal College of Maracaibo was turned into the University of Zulia. Today, the school has three campuses, two of those are in Zulia Stated and the other is in the city of Punto Fijo, which is located in Falcón State. The university is a scientific-educational institution. It was built on strong principles such as ethics, justice, freedom and autonomy, in order to present students with an outstanding training that will give them the skills needed to succeed in their professional and personal life. Universidad del Zulia offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programmes, in a variety of subjects, including Agronomy, Architecture, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Dance, and many, many, more. The school has highly qualified academic and administrative staff. At the moment, about 75,000 students are enrolled in programmes at LUZ. 148 students come from outside of Venezuela. The university is spread across 11 faculties. It is made up of 27 schools and has over 100 graduate programmes, that prepare its students for 56 different careers. The 4,000 professors that are teaching at LUZ are top-notch academics and industry professionals, eager to pass on their knowledge and give students valuable insights into their chosen fields of expertise. The learning environment is excellent. The campus has modern, state-of-the-art facilities, and the school owns a corporation of institutional means (such as LUZ Periódico, LUZ Radio, Teveluz, LUZ Web and LUZ AdN). Internships and study abroad experiences are encouraged so that the students can gain skills that are needed in their future careers. The alumni network is large, and notable alumni include Oswaldo Álvarez Paz (Venezuelan politician) and Adriana Cristina Vasini Sánchez (model).

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  • Ana Virginia
    It has been in better condition

    Despite having been one of the best universities in Venezuela, it is not at its best now. The conditions of the infrastructure in the different faculties is deplorable, it falls apart; from the most basic to the not so basic. The bathrooms are a disaster, as are the classrooms, corridors and walkways. The uncontrolled insecurity; and the benefits that you previously had as a right to be a student, and almost all are extinct. It should be noted that all of the above is the result of the socio-political-economic situation of the country; In spite of this, the spirit of the University of Zulia (our alma mater) struggles to keep up with the last professors who still remain in the nation (all excellent professionals, for the most part), who strive to teach in the best way possible. possible and with students who still have hopes of seeing our university again like it once was. Careers and their pensums are all interesting, complete and well thought out to graduate quality professionals. There is also companionship in both students and teachers, administrative and workers (typical of our town).

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  • Barbara
    The best experience

    I graduated in 2015, the thing was getting ugly, many stoppages, a lot of instability, but it is not the fault of the university, it is the country because it is public. But if I could turn back the time, I would study there again!

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  • Sofhia
    Academic excellence

    Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Quality in Academia and research, with the best-prepared teachers. The university of Zulia State is one of the leading universities of the whole country.

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  • Rey
    Advertising and public relations

    It is one of the best universities in Venezuela despite its situation in the country, the study house tries to give the best for its students, teachers and employees and it’s getting better and better. It has taught me many things and I thank the teachers as much as the employees have been like my second home and I do not regret studying in Luz.

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  • Ivan Daniel
    Excellent university

    The University of Zulia, despite being a public university, is the best in our state both by the professors responsible for training and preparing students for their different areas of work and for the prestige and variety of careers offered. It is certainly a good choice for anyone wishing to start higher education.

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  • Maria

    The University of Zulia is the best university in our region and one of the best in the country. I am currently studying physical education and the training and preparation of us is very good and adequate. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular universities in our state, both for its fame and for its teachers and preparation of students.

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  • Andres
    The best

    The University of Zulia provides the best preparation for young people who will become the future professionals of the country through professors with real mastery and knowledge about their area of ​​study and programs created specifically for the practice of new skills and skills, resources and facilities with adequate conditions to facilitate the learning of its students.

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  • Yvke
    communication Sciences

    has the option to develop solutions to real problems from the perspective of communication sciences, especially applied semiotics. The postgraduate school has the potential to develop an undergraduate degree efficiently

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  • Best

    It is one of the most enriching experience that gave me the opportunity to train as a professional My recommendation is that there are no more academic work stoppages so that we can conclude our preparation in the estimated time and each time we are more prepared people that we can carry out our country

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  • Karla

    The best university in Venezuela with quality teachers which offers a great variety of careers, I recommend it to all I graduated from it so I can highly recommend it

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