Student review [67675] for King's College London

Student review [#67675] for BA (hons) English
at King's College London

London, The United Kingdom
BA (hons) ...
3 months ago
King's College London for English Majors

As an English Major at King’s College London, I’ve had the privilege of learning under supportive and knowledgeable lecturers. However, I’ve also encountered some significant gaps in the educational experience, particularly in the lead-up to exams and coursework. The university doesn’t always provide adequate preparation or feedback, leading to a sense of being thrown into assessments blindly.

One of the standout positives of my experience at King’s College London has been the support from lecturers. They’re approachable, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping students succeed. This creates a positive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and confidence.

However, one area where the university could improve is in the preparation for exams and coursework. There often seems to be a lack of structured guidance leading up to assessments, which can be particularly daunting for students who are new to the university or the subject matter. More guidance and feedback in the form of workshops, practice assessments, or individualized feedback sessions would be greatly beneficial.

Another area for improvement is the seminar format. While seminars can be an invaluable opportunity for discussion and debate, I’ve found that some leaders are too quick to agree with everything said. This can stifle genuine debate and critical thinking. A more balanced approach that encourages respectful disagreement and challenges students to think critically would be more conducive to intellectual growth.

Programme: BA (hons) English
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2025
Campus: London, The United Kingdom
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