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King's College London Review

London, United Kingdom
Comparative Literature
8 months ago
Dedicated Faculty and Amazing Student Support

My first few days at King’s College London left me a bit unsure as to whether or not it would be the place for me. Initially the campus in the heart of Central London can be quite overwhelming. The daunting task of navigating the multiple buildings with sub-sections, side wings, and basement levels was not easy to wrap my head around; however, as the days progressed, I began to see the things that make this university great. Some people may prioritise the layout of a campus or the quality of the school food services, and if that is the case then perhaps this is not the University for you. However, the things that stand out about this university are so much bigger than the quality of sandwiches that can be found in the cafes. I believe that King’s is unique for many reasons. Since my enrollment I have not met a single faculty member or professor who does not love their job and care about their students and their success later on. Every professor that I have met at kings is very qualified and intelligent. Whether they are an expert in their field and the head of the department, or simply a PHD student taking their first step towards teaching, it is obvious that they are giving energy and attention to every aspect of their classes. Not only do they try to engage with the students in a classroom setting, but they are also extremely dedicated to one on one assistance and interaction. I have had the opportunity to get to know most of my teachers on a first name basis, and by fostering the teacher student connection through small class sizes and open-door policies, the school is giving their students so many amazing resources for support and learning. In addition to the amazing faculty, I have enjoyed the multitudes of opportunities that the student union offers. A student at king’s has the ability to be as involved as they want with student life and extracurriculars, and almost every interest is supported by one of the societies available. However, I also feel as though the most valuable moments of interaction I have had with other students at King’s have been little conversations in the café or the student bars, or on the terrace by the river. Both current and entering students have created a very accepting and friendly atmosphere, especially for international students such as myself who have the added challenge of moving abroad and encountering a new culture on top of the unfamiliar faces. Ultimately, I think that what makes King’s College London great is the people, and their dedication to creating an experience for every student that they will enjoy throughout their program and that will help them succeed and challenge them to achieve their future career goals. That being said, if there is any one aspect of the school that a prospective student should become familiar with during the process of application and decision making, it is the Maughan Library. Many Universities talk about their libraries as points of pride; however, I have never visited one that can rival the beauty and resources found in the Maughan. The round room and beautiful castle-like façade is beyond compare, and there is such an extensive amount of study space that one can find themselves lost in the multitudes of little rooms and towers. For those that are considering King’s and think of themselves as a lover of literature who enjoys the smell of old books and the camaraderie of library study spaces, I highly recommend this University.

Programme: Comparative Literature
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2021
Campus: London, United Kingdom
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