University of Novi Sad - UNS Review

Novi Sad, Serbia
Great place to start academic life

I study history at faculty of Philosophy,University of Novi Sad.The campus is a great place to meet new friends and hang out in the park.Everything is nearby,dorms,2 cantinas as well.The food meets almost everybody taste and requirements.I really like the main square, where there are book sellers almost regardless the weather outside.You can buy even some antique books, old vinyl records,comic books.maps.Recently they opened new Rectorate building which was voted as the most creative and best looking public building in the city by the citizens.I am proud of my University to have an excellent center for foreign languages from Portugese to Japanese.Very good environment for study,regarding a rich and well equiped library which is second in the country by volume,IT-equipped classrooms.Most professors are extremely helpful,student orientated if you are really interested in the subject.Also i would mention international colaboration with foreign universities in Italy,Spain,Germany,Romania.At my University it was held a presentation about AEGEE youth organisation so I got engaged and changed my life for better,become more active,open-minded to the world,went on cultural exchanges and got in touch with erasmus students as well.On monthly basis, University is organising movie nights,student debates,courses with guesting professors and more.I would recommend AEGEE local antenna for many reasons fun,travel, learning new things with different perspective and sharing ideas with students alike across Europe.Also, the University itself is quite cheap for study as well to foreigners,on the other hand it would be a good idea to implement new subjects and courses and fully digitalize especially old books.

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