Student review [68927] for University of Brawijaya

Student review [#68927] for Sociology
at University of Brawijaya - UB

Malang, Indonesia
4 months ago
Build point of view regarding social construction

Studied at Brawijaya University provided a rewarding experience, offering an opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of social construction and social problems from a sociological perspective. Through this study, I gained a wealth of knowledge and insights, enabling me to explore the complexities of societal issues with a critical lens.The study allowed me to engage with various theories and frameworks that underpin social construction, illuminating how perceptions, norms, and values shape our understanding of reality. It provided a platform to examine how social problems are not merely objective phenomena but are constructed and defined through social processes, power dynamics, and cultural contexts.

Moreover, the review study facilitated an exploration of diverse perspectives and viewpoints, fostering a deeper understanding of how different social groups experience and interpret social issues. By adopting a sociological view, I learned to analyze social problems through the lens of inequality, power structures, and historical dynamics, thereby uncovering underlying causes and potential avenues for addressing them.

Overall, the review study at Brawijaya University was instrumental in broadening my understanding of social construction and social problems, equipping me with the analytical tools and knowledge to critically examine and engage with contemporary societal challenges. It was a profoundly enriching experience that deepened my appreciation for the complexities of the social world and inspired me to contribute meaningfully to addressing pressing issues in society.

Programme: Sociology
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2019
Campus: Malang, Indonesia
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