Student review [32893] for ESCP Business School

Student review [#32893] for Bachelor in Management
at ESCP Business School

Berlin, Germany
Bachelor in ...
11 Sep, 2022
Diversity, Blended Model and Professional world

I chose ESCP because the program that I’m currently following gather students from all around the world with different backgrounds and also because it gives the opportunity to travel through Europe to study.

My first day plenty fulfilled my expectations: I met students from China, Armenia, Italia and many other countries. I enjoy my first year at ESCP thanks to this diversity, everyday you have the opportunity to enhance your skills in various languages but also to discover cultural habits very different than yours. It’s very rewarding and inspiring ! The interaction with other students is in my opinion the strength of ESCP and the Bachelor Program.

ESCP has campuses at several places in Europe (London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin…) and in the Bachelor Program you must visit three of these campuses during your three years of study. It means that you must change city every year. I think that’s my favourite things about ESCP, no other school in the world gives the opportunity to live in three different countries and thus to be fluent in three different languages.

But I must admit that my first year at ESCP disappoint me on the working point of Vue. The Blended Learning Model doesn’t force the student to do their best and allow free riding behaviors as well as cheating. To make it simple, the lessons are recorded, and we must watch them at home before class. Then, we discuss the recorded lessons with teachers on site with a small group of students. For serious and autonomous students, this system is perfect because it gives time to find a job, do sports or basically have time to yourself. But a large majority of students in the first year of the Bachelor just finished high school and thus aren’t mature enough to work that way. Also, during the first year we were learning languages on a website. As you can imagine, no one did it seriously and we didn’t learn much during the first year. I also want to add that the problems that I’ve listed as been fixed in the second year: we have now 4 hours per week of language classes with a teacher and we also have more work to do.

The last important thing to mention about ESCP is the focus on the world of work. In classes you have a lot “work situation” tasks to do and many group projects that learn you how to act in a working atmosphere. Also, during the three years of the program you must do at least 6 months of internship. From my personal experience, what is impressive at ESCP is the quality of the internships that are made by the students. Thanks to the network and the various alumni’s you can find an internship in almost every company in the world and even well-known companies. Some of my closest friends did their first-year internship at Google, McDonalds, or City bank!

In my opinion, ESCP is the perfect school to learn how to socialize. You will have the opportunity to talk with a lot of people in many languages and then you will make big progress in your interaction skills. I think ESCP is a well-known and very recognised school not only for the knowledge of their students but mainly because they are adaptable and flexible: they can be performant in many fields of actions with various interlocutors. The focus that is being made on the world of work also allow the students to be performant at the beginning of their first internship and to know how to act in the professional world.

Programme: Bachelor in Management
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2024
Campus: Madrid, Spain
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