Institut Supérieur de L´Aéronautique et de L´Espace - ISAE-SUPAERO

Institut Supérieur de L´Aéronautique et de L´Espace - ISAE-SUPAERO • Toulouse, France

The Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO), founded in 1909, is a French higher education institution with focus on aerospace engineering. It's the first school to ever specialise in that field and is considered one of the best in Europe. The school offers a wide range of science and engineering degree programmes and has produced over 21500 graduates since its foundation. ISAE-SUPAERO is part of the University of Toulouse, as well as ISSAT, PEGASUS, GEA, Toulouse Tech, CESAER, and Aerospace Valley. In 2007 SUPAERO and ENSICA merged and thus became ISAE-SUPAERO in order to increase the international visibility. Through merging, SUPAERO and ENSICO were able to share their faculty and experimental equipment. ISAE-SUPAERO has many famous alumni, among those are Henri Coandă who discovered the Coanda effect and Henri Ziegler who became the inventor of the Airbus programme. Degree programmes at ISAE-SUPAERO include: "Ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO" (MSc), Master of Science in "Aerospace Engineering", 15 Advanced Masters, 6 Doctoral programs, CNAM-ISAE engineering apprenticeship training program, continuing education programs. ISAE-SUPAERO has renowned partner universities around the globe (in Europe, America, Asia) which work closely with ISAE-SUPAERO and offer students an international experience and prepare them for future roles on a multinational team.

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