Student review [56512] for Universidad de Buenos Aires

Student review [#56512] for Social Communication
at Universidad de Buenos Aires - UBA

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Social Communication
17 Jul, 2023
UBA - Faculty of Social Science

The university of Buenos Aires have 13 faculty, which is very different in infrastructure quality and service; but all of the them give you an excellent education.
I’ve studied Social Communication on the Faculty of Social Sciences. This career is oriented to research, giving you a wide range of tools, perspective and theory. It’s a demanding course in terms of study time and you will have the opportunity to share with top-level researchers.
I’ve really enjoyed my studies in this career. I love my University, which is public and not paid.

Programme: Social Communication
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Campus: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Career Prospects
Student Life
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