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Student Visa Requirements

If you are an EU national or a citizen of a country that is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) then you do not need a visa to study in Austria, providing you can provide evidence that you are able to financially support yourself whilst in Austria and that you have relevant medical insurance.

If you are not a citizen of the EU/EEA then you will need to apply for a short-term visa to travel and stay in Austria for less than 6 months, then once in the country, you will need to apply for a residence permit for students which lasts between 6 months and 12 months and will need to be renewed each year of study.

You will need to proof that you have the financial means to support yourself along with other key supporting documents which will need to be provided to the Austrian embassy or consulate in your country, who will issue the visa.

Student Accommodation In Austria

Student accommodation in Austria is not allocated to the student upon enrollment and any accommodation has to be sought after and dealt with by the student; although certain universities do have halls of residence which can be applied to upon application.

There are plenty of opportunities for private student accommodation which includes both sharing with other students and living alone, although the costs of this tend to vary dramatically depending on where you are studying.

Applying To Austrian Universities

Austrian universities need to be applied to themselves by the individual student as there is no centralised application system in Austria. Before applying, it is advisable to contact the institution you are applying to as the admission guidelines may differ from university to university.

Usually, the admission requirements include proof of nationality from your passport, confirmation of qualifications that make you eligible for the programme and proof of German language proficiency as most courses are taught in German.

Austrian Tuition Fees and Finance

For EU/EEA students wanting to study at a public university in Austria there is no fee payable for tuition fees, however, there is a nominal fee of €18 per semester for members of the student union.

Non-EU students will need to pay for their tuition fees per semester which work out at an average of around €728 per semester, although this can vary depending on the programme you are studying.

Tuition fees at private universities are set themselves and will need to be paid for independently or with an appropriate scholarship.

It is possible to obtain scholarships to help with the cost of study in Austria and there are several schemes both in Austria and outside of it that international students may be able to use.

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