Online MBA – How Does it Work and What are the Benefits?

Online MBA – How Does it Work and What are the Benefits?


Has the Covid-19 pandemic led you to consider an online MBA? For many, the decision to complete their studies online makes a lot of sense. Providing greater flexibility for often a lower price, online degrees are increasingly popular and well-respected these days, making them an excellent option to consider. In this article, EDUopinions will address some of the most asked questions regarding online MBAs, including how they work and what their benefits are.

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How is an Online MBA Delivered?

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Online MBAs offer similar content as in-person programmes, delivering course material through some combination of lectures, discussion sections, assigned readings, group work and independent research. Some programmes will provide pre-recorded lectures for students to watch on their own time, while others offer synchronous teaching. Further, many programmes provide students with the opportunity to conduct research in an area of interest and write a master thesis, allowing them to gain a field of expertise. Finally, some programmes support students undertaking internships alongside their studies, which often factors into their marks.

How is an Online MBA Assessed?

Speaking of marks, many may wonder how MBAs are assessed. Of course, this depends on how exactly a programme is structured and will differ slightly for every individual degree. Generally speaking, students can expect to be assessed on a few mid-module coursework items and end-of-module take-home exams. In addition, many programmes include group-work or project-based assessments, which often factor into marks as well. At the end of an MBA, it is common for students to write a thesis or complete a capstone project, both of which are important assessment components.

How much time does an Online MBA take?

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Typically, MBAs in Europe are valued at 120 ECTS, meaning that the total number of hours and amount of work you put into an MBA should be relatively comparable in any accredited programme. That said, the number of months of years you spend on these 120 ECTS can vary widely. Some online MBAs offer fixed-term programmes lasting anywhere from nine months to over two years. Other programmes allow students to progress at their own pace, meaning there is no fixed graduation date. Choosing the right format for your MBA depends on your plans for work and other commitments during your degree.

Is it more cost-effective than a traditional MBA?

Cost is another reason many people choose to study their MBA rather than in-person. Distance learning means instant savings since there is no need to relocate or travel to and from your university or business school. Students save money and time studying online. That said, online MBAs are not free, so it is important to consider tuition fees when weighing the costs. Some of the most prestigious online MBAs come with a hefty price tag, costing upwards of €80,000. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable options out there too, with numerous programmes costing less than €10,000 available.

For those looking to complete an online MBA but are worried about the cost, consider applying to IU International University of Applied Sciences. They offer flexible options for online MBA programmes starting from only €107 per month. For more advice on finding affordable MBAs, check out these articles on the 10 most affordable Online MBA programmes, the 5 most affordable MBAs in Germany (many of which are offered online) and cheap MBAs in France.

What is the Recognition of an Online MBA?

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Finally, many may wonder about to what degree an online MBA is well-recognised. Thankfully, online university degrees have gained a large degree of respect from employers in recent years thanks to improvements to asynchronous learning. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused most European universities to teach online for at least some part of the year, contributing to the normalisation of distance learning.

That said, it is important to research an institution before you enrol. Looking into what accreditations have been awarded to a university or business school is a good way to tell if a programme is worth-while or not. If you have questions about whether a programme is credible or not, get in touch with EDUopinions for advice !


Hopefully, this article has helped answer your questions about online MBAs, how they work and what the benefits are. For more advice on finding a credible, high-quality online MBA, never hesitate to reach out to EDUopinions for free personalised advice!

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