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The 8 Best Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Curious about a master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation? Wondering how it differs from your average MBA? Got some fresh new business ideas and want to learn how to make them happen? Well, you found the right place! Below, EDUopinions has compiled a list of the eight best Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with details about what sets them apart from the rest.

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What is a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?


A master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation is a graduate-level business qualification. Where it differs from traditional MBAs is in its emphasis on creativity and unconventional approaches to business. In a regular business degree, students may learn about market trends, marketing strategy and some soft skills, students undertaking a master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation learn about analysing new business opportunities, designing and validating new business models and managing new ventures.

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What the Course provides

Typically, students in entrepreneurship and innovation are offered interactive classroom experiences, supported by placed internships and a lot of collaborative work with other students and entrepreneurs too. Following this one year degree, students can expect to be well versed in the business world and equipped to take a chance on their own start-up venture.

Who is it best for?

Again, because this degree is not an MBA, it is not designed to provide students with the skills necessary to join a large firm or other corporate organisation. A master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation is best suited for students who think outside the box, who want to make their own journey in the market, who have their own ideas and want to act on them. This is not to say either degree is superior, only that they are designed for different outcomes.

the best master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation:

EDHEC Business School

EDHEC's campus

Located at their campus in Lille, EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a robust curriculum training students to become disruptive and creative business people. With classes teaching students the ins and outs of the world of entrepreneurship, this programme is underpinned by non-traditional teaching methods like an incubator space, investor network and a pitch contest. At the end of the course’s formal teaching, students embark on a 4-6 month internship, allowing them to apply their recently learnt knowledge in the real world. Finally, students combine all these experiences into one capstone project on a topic personally important to them.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London has another similar programme, but with the added component of management. A highly esteemed education institution, Imperial provides students with top-notch teaching and promising career prospects too. Another facet of the MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management setting it apart from others is its emphasis on collaboration. Students have access to the Imperial Enterprise Lab, which offers a plethora of experiences, networks and opportunities for future change-makers. In addition, Imperial is located in London, one of the world’s biggest markets and an excellent place for entrepreneurship.

Hult International Business School

Hult business school exterior

Though Hult International Business School is also located in London, their master’s in Disruptive Innovation takes place for an intensive six months in San Francisco. This programme is only available for those having completed another master’s programme at Hult, which is something to consider. That said, this degree is unique in its focus on providing students with highly practical skills. For example, Hult recognises that business is increasingly taking place in the digital world, which is why their students dedicate a considerable amount of hours toward understanding how to engage with technological advancement. While this degree requires another degree from Hult, it certainly prepares graduates for a disruptive and innovative career in business.

ESADE Business School

Esade Business School Exterior

ESADE’s MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is another one of the best programmes of its kind. Taking place in Barcelona, a powerhouse of innovation in Europe, this degree provides students with numerous opportunities for experiential learning. The programme structure places a large emphasis on the ‘innovation journey,’ taking students through a step-by-step process of entrepreneurship. Another exciting aspect of this course is that it provides students with the opportunity to learn a language, with ab initio modules offered in Spanish, German and French. Students at ESADE can expect a particularly international approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.

New European College

New European College Arial shot

Munich’s New European College brings another unique approach to entrepreneurship and innovation to the table. Their master’s in Business Management (MBM) includes two semesters of lectures and one off-campus dedicated to the thesis. This programme offers both academic learnings as well as experiential learning in the form of project weeks, which allow students time for a short industry placement to assist with their final capstone project. For those looking for a happy medium between traditional MBA and entrepreneurship and innovation, this programme may be the one for you. It is also suitable for professionals in the job market.

ESSEC Business School

ESSEC business school exterior

France’s ESSEC is one the best business schools in Europe, offering a wide variety of different master’s programmes. Though its language of instruction is French, ESSEC’s specialised master’s degree in entrepreneurship is an excellent programme capitalising on Paris’s buzzing start-up scene. Students have access to Le Cargo, a space for networking and collaboration among young entrepreneurs in France. As well, ESEEC provides students in this programme with individualised support, offering mentors who guide students to their future careers. Clearly, ESSEC’s specialised master’s in entrepreneurship is another one of a kind programme.

ESMT Business sCHOOL

ESMT Exterior

Located in Berlin, European School of Management & Technology is a highly-ranked international business school founded by 25 multinational corporations. Their MBA programme is different than other traditional business degrees on account of its international and entrepreneurial focuses. Each year, students from more than 30 countries learn and innovate together through 50% classroom instruction and 50% hands-on learning. Most of this hands-on learning emphasises students’ personal development and seeks to cultivate their sense of creativity and entrepreneurship. Finally, ESMT’s strong ties to companies around the world ensures students are well-networked and ready for innovation upon graduation.

Vlerick Business School

Vlerick business school building

Last but certainly not least, Vlerick Business School in Belgium is another institution offering a master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship. Ranked the best business school in Benelux countries, Vlerick offers a particularly experiential education through its “Silicon Valley Disruption Tour,” during which students visit and gain insights into some of the top companies in and around San Francisco, including Facebook, Google and Uber. In terms of more formal instruction, students at Vlerick can also expect to learn how to implement innovative strategies in a variety of contexts, equipping graduates with an entrepreneurial know-how no matter what position they end up in.


Conclusion about the best master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation

So there you have it! Hopefully, our list of the best master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation has been helpful. If you’d like to see our list of the most affordable masters in entrepreneurship, take a look at this article. Choosing a master’s programme can be a confusing process, so check out EDUopinions’ other content for more guidance on your career journey.

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