Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans? Here is What you Need to Know

Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans? Here is What you Need to Know


L’Université d’Orléans


Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans Here is What you Need to Know

The University of Orléans is a French university with a history reaching back into medieval times, which you can experience in its wooded campus, 100 km away from Paris, and the UNESCO-registered region and its castles. It is a university with a highly multidisciplinary nature and campuses in 5 cities within the region, which are: Orléans, Chartres, Bourges, Châteauroux, and Issoudun. 18.000 students are currently based on the campuses of the University of Orléans, living up to their three fundamental values: respect, dynamics, and efficiency.

The university sees itself as a key player in research, especially regarding the academic and scientific development of the region Val de Loire. Their goal for 2020: a university well-known for its excellence in research in the fields of social and humanitarian sciences and technological sciences.



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Get to know the L’Université d’Orléans



The L’Université d’Orléans offers formations in the following disciplines:

  • Arts and Linguistics
  • Law, Economics, and Consulting
  • Social and Humanitarian Sciences
  • Sciences of Sports and Physical Activities
  • Technological Sciences and Health

Depending on what graduate programme you want to choose, you may be bound to one of the five locations or able to choose between two or three of them. Unfortunately, there are only two master’s programmes taught in English: Languages, International Business and European Management, as well as Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility.

When it comes to the orientation on the university’s website, a lack of French skills can also become a barrier to finding your degree and applying for studies. The positive side is that the university’s French Institute offers courses accompanying your studies as an international or exchange student. If you already know some French and are planning to study in that language, the university can and will support you.



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Applying at L’Université d’Orléans

To be honest, the application process for international students at L’Université d’Orléans is complicated and not very transparent. The so-called “Maison de l’Étudiant” is the Studies and Student Life Administration at the university and responsible for international students who come to the university outside of an exchange programme.

They offer some information regarding the application process, which differs depending on which graduate and which institute you are applying for. You are, however, highly encouraged by the Maison de l’Étudiant to fill in a form to request further information on your individual application.

Luckily, the university is more informative when it comes to exchange programmes. You can check at your university’s international relations office whether they have an agreement with the University of Orléans and then simply file an online application. The new application portal for 2018 will open soon, but you will be able to find it here.

Last but not least it needs to be said that the university’s website is quite a limiting experience for people who are struggling with French. Needless to say, since almost all programmes at the University of Orléans are taught in French only, having troubles navigating through their website and applying for a programme (outside of an exchange programme) could be the first sign that you need to practice the language more to be able to follow all classes and lectures.


Students’ Opinions on L’Université d’Orléans

Université d’Orléans opinions Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans? Here is What you Need to Know

Mariame had a good time at L’Université d’Orléans and praises the amazing environment amongst international students, which made her journey so great. Unfortunately, the language courses were not at the expected level, leaving her with not enough French training as a beginner or intermediate. Also, after the studies in French, it was especially hard for her to find an internship in English. Do you want to learn French, but know more about the French classes in Orléans? Start a discussion now!


Université d’Orléans opinions Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans? Here is What you Need to Know

Ouafae also had a great time in Orléans. For international students, the clubs and information offered by the university make it possible to have an awesome experience and get the most out of your student life. The campus is situated near a lake, with a great atmosphere and view. Unfortunately, the campus is located quite far from the city centre of Orléans. Want to know more about the area around Orléans? Ask Ouafae for some insider information!


Université d’Orléans opinions Do you Want to Study at L’Université d’Orléans? Here is What you Need to Know

Alexandre spent his academic path from Bachelor’s to Master’s degree at  L’Université d’Orléans. He had good classes, great teachers, and certainly great professional opportunities after his graduation. As Ouafae mentioned before, also Alexandre was not satisfied with the location of the campus being too far away from the city of Orléans. As a student, you are like to want to enjoy the nightlife of the city you study in, which can be a turndown when you need to take a train that maybe stops driving at some point in the night. Do you have some experiences with the nightlife in Orléans? Start a discussion with Alexandre!




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L’Université d’Orléans offers a great spectrum of degrees and a thorough academic environment. The biggest entrance barrier for international students might be the French language, though. As a beginner, the French courses offered by the university might not be enough and you will have a hard time following the classes and lectures. If you want to take the opportunity and the challenge to become better at French and study in a great surrounding with nice and international people, then the University of Orléans might still be a great place for you after all!

What was your experience with the University of Orléans?

Are you planning to study somewhere in France?

Leave us a comment or your opinion!


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