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EU Business School student: “For sure, I don’t regret choosing this school and this city!”


We asked Alina to share her experience of studying and living in Barcelona. Alina is originally from Russia and completed the MBA in Entrepreneurship program at EU Business School Barcelona.

-Why did you choose EU Business School for your studies?

One Russian agency helped me to determine where to study. They had many different options, but most of all they recommended EU Business School and, actually, I was interested to this school as well. I liked the subjects that EU was offering for MBA programs. For example, during my specialization semester, we had such interesting subject as Family Business Management, Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation and New Product Development. So the main criteria for me was that my studies would be interesting.

-How has your study experience been so far?

I have now finished the MBA program with Magna Cum Laude recognition for excellent academic achievement. With the help of an amazing career service team, I completed two internships and I’m now working on my thesis. To tell the truth, I was not expecting to go so far and to get so much valuable experience! For sure, I don’t regret choosing this school and this city!

-What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

Completing my MBA at EU Business school opened new career horizons. In the future, I am planning to use all the knowledge I gained to open my own business. The good thing is that professors and alumni from EU are always ready to help in all your new projects.

-How is student life in Barcelona?

At first, I wanted to choose EU’s Munich campus… Thank God, my destiny decided otherwise and now I am here in the most amazing, sunny city! I am very happy with Barcelona, it is totally a place for students, where you can meet a lot of people, go to the most amazing parties and in summer travel all around Spain.

-What tips would you give to future EU Business School students?

For those who want to try and stay in Barcelona for a long time, the most important thing is to start to establish a good chain of connections from the first day. Study well and interact with the professors – they are ready to help in any of your problems, even personal. Try to meet and be friends with as many students as possible, you will broaden your cultural horizon and it’s all very valuable experience. Go to different industrial visits and guest lectures. One day the people that you meet there can help you to find a good job in Barcelona.


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