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Why Study Abroad? The Effects Of Learning In A Foreign Country


About the motivation

In my case, when I decided to study abroad, I worked in the design field for about 12 years. I was a design supervisor and I wanted to upgrade my skills and knowledge. At that time, there were not many companies in Taiwan that attached great importance to building brands to help their businesses. I think this is a good way to help Taiwanese companies do better. It will be an interesting work. This is a good time to study in the UK where there is already a mature concept of branding.

If you consider about study abroad. Ask yourself why?

Therefore, I suggest studying something that you have enthusiasm and want to do in your life. Finding a way that suits you is very important. As Steve Jobs said: “ You’ve got to find what you love.” “If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.” Listen to your heart, don’t ignore it, because sometimes you know what you really want to do and what kind of person you want to be. Do not study for competing with others. Because it is your determination to complete the whole process. Really do this for yourself and then make yourself stronger. Ask yourself: Is this your favorite thing to invest time and money and want to do in the future?

The reason you want to study abroad

Check here to see if you are ready.

It sounds good:

  • This is my study dream. I want to learn more!
  • I want to improve my language skills
  • I want to really live other cultures and experience it
  • I really want to be an expert in the professional field
  • I would love to learn more research methods to train my project development capabilities
  • I really want to learn to live independently
  • I really want to learn from talented people and know my own limits
  • I hope to have the opportunity to work abroad

Maybe you can think about it more:

  • Because many of my classmates and friends are studying abroad
  • People say that it is easy to find work after graduation abroad
  • I will have more salary after graduation abroad
  • My parents want me to do this
  • I don’t know what I should do in the future. It can help me to spend some time
  • I’m not sure what I like
  • Studying abroad sounds cool
  •  I am tired of my work and I do not like my boss

Effects of studying abroad

Learn a language: You will have a lot of opportunities to actually speak other languages. But before your departure, you have some basic level of language skills that are important and you need to do some effort in language. And, try to get into the life of the local people and you will learn more about local life and improve your language skills.

Understand a culture: Respect differently. Seeing different cultures does not mean that other countries are better than your country. This means that you can see others’ differences and then learn from different aspects, learn to respect or determine your ideas more. Your thoughts will become mature after you learn how to analyze and deal with the difficult situations encountered.

Learning to be independent: living in other countries, you need to solve many things on your own, and deal with many different issues from daily life. Such as learning how to cook, how to become friends with other classmates from the different background, from the process, you can feel that you can make your life better and you will be more confident.

Time and money investment: Learning in other countries requires a lot of investment, and you may need to sacrifice some of your future interests many years (such as shopping, travel, etc.) because maybe you need to work to return the money to the bank. Yes, that’s why it’s best to think about it first, and whether you need such a large investment.

Job Opportunity: Because you can learn about the local special knowledge, market trends, and local culture. You can learn more about how people think about working or doing things in society. People taste and interest in everyday life. Your career can also get more opportunities from this knowledge.

Expand your horizons: After this process, you will find that your view is wider, not only focus on your neighborhood but also for the world, care about the environment we live in, and the earth. When you encounter difficulties in your life, you will find more solutions because you know that life is not only walking in one way.

Go further

For me, this decision helped me to think about the entire career plan. Then when I accepted the challenge and finish it, I felt I become a better person. But this does not mean that you will become richer, have a better title, or have a more successful life. This means that you become more aware of yourself and you are more satisfied with yourself and know your future direction. You know how to take responsibility for your life. If you feel that you are ready, don’t hesitate, make up your mind, and remind yourself of your goal. And you may also encounter people with negative thoughts. Remember, this is your life. No one knows it better than you, stay awake and move on!

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