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My Study Abroad Experience in the USA and Europe


EDUopinions has brought you one student’s study abroad experience in the USA and Europe. See how his story went.

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Making a Start

Taking the decision to study abroad seems like something most students get anxious about, but that wasn’t the case for me. My first experience as an exchange student was back in 2014, when at the age of 16 I left my family, my friends, and my home country, to fly overseas.


My new home state for nearly a year was Colorado. My house was facing the Rocky Mountains and every day I was treated to an amazing and unique sunset. I did experience rough days, but making the decision to go abroad didn’t scare me at the time, in fact, I didn’t cry when I was saying goodbye at the airport, but I was rather excited. My broken English was enough to get through the security and make it to the United States, and the rest is history.

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I now speak English more than I speak Italian, I have friends all over the world, I travel so much I can never get enough of it. I can proudly say that my American experience was one for the books and I would highly recommend other fellow students to be brave and spread their wings.

Moving On

Since then a whole lot has happened, I moved to Denmark for the first part of my Bachelor’s and I am now concluding my final year in the United Kingdom.

Once you start studying abroad it’s like you can never get enough of it, and believe me, I have a million reasons to stop. My experience in the dorms has been awful, I couldn’t sleep at night because of the noise, I couldn’t cook in shared-kitchens for all the mess left by others, and they were just overpriced. I was struggling to find a part-time job which made my experience intense and stressful, but I believe everything I’ve been through has taught me something.

I took my experience as a high school exchange student to the next level. Not only did I ‘hit’ adulthood, but I also managed to break through and do what I enjoy most doing: travelling.

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Cristian is the Assistant Editor & Consultant at EDUopinions with a passion for Education and Learning. Born and raised in Italy, he worked and studied in various countries, including the USA, UK, and Denmark.

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