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How to Write a Student Review for a University


If you’ve completed university, you’re might be focused on life as a graduate. But it’s worth spending a minute reflecting on your university experience and writing a student review – it could help future students make better decisions. But how do you write a student review for a university?

More students are now turning to verified student reviews during their decision-making process, as opposed to traditional factors like university rankings. Reviews’ value is even higher for international students, leaving home for the first time and they want to read about study abroad experiences. At EDUopinions, we have also parents reading reviews!

Student reviews can be a huge help if you’re struggling to find accurate information about what it’s like to actually study at a particular university. You might have even consulted a few when you were applying to universities!

Now, as you come to the end of your time as a student, you can turn your experience into a valuable student review to assist others. But there are a few things that can turn an average student review into a value-packed one.

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How to Write a Student Review

1. Focus on your entire experience

Whether you’re reviewing your university or your specific degree programme, it can be tempting to stick to one subject. However, students increasingly want to know about the real student experience. They’re not just reading your review to learn about the modules you liked or disliked. They want to know exactly what it was like to be a student on your course at your university. The good, the bad, all of it.

However, trying to distil your entire experience down into a 200-character review can be overwhelming. To make it easier, try to write at least a little bit about your experience in some key areas:

  1. Your course
  2. Professors and teaching staff
  3. Career services and employability
  4. The university campus and facilities
  5. Student life and international class
  6. Tuition fees and value for money course
  7. University location and student accommodation
  8. Other services like student clubs and societies you’ve joined

Student reviews websites like EDUopinions make this easier for you by breaking down your university rating into eight separate categories. This should help guide your review and remind you to focus on every aspect of your experience.

2. Talk about Online Learning

University reviews shouldn’t be limited to in-person experiences. If you completed part (or all) of your degree online or modules were moved online because of other circumstances, remember to talk about this.

Students are becoming more interested in online degrees because of the flexibility they offer. These applicants want to know exactly what the experience is like, from how you work in online groups to how you communicate with your professors from a distance. So, make sure to mention aspects of this experience if it’s applicable to you.

3. Be Critical

If you enjoyed every part of your university experience, then that’s fantastic – you should definitely talk about your passion for your studies in your review. However, a glowing review won’t necessarily give future students a balanced idea of what studying was really like.

Instead, try to be a bit more critical of your studies. Did you enjoy an aspect that some of your peers didn’t? Then mention that. Is there anything about the modules, homework, or exams you could warn students about?

A valuable review will be critical of the experience. This won’t just help students better evaluate whether the programme and university are for them – it might also help your university get better.


Hopefully, you now have a good idea about how to write a super helpful review for future students at your university or on your course. Remember: students don’t just want to read a review about how much you loved your professors, the course, and your housemates. They want to understand the ins and outs of the student experience – good and bad.

Are you ready to get started writing your own review for your university and course? Get started on EDUopinions.

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