Student review [68258] for Wheaton College

Student review [#68258] for Political Science and International Relations
at Wheaton College

Wheaton, Illinois, United States
Political Science ...
and International Relations
5 months ago
Wheaton College Student Review

I am currently a junior at Wheaton and the past three years at this college have been incredibly formative and memorable. As an international student from the UK, it has been particularly exciting to both study and live abroad close to Chicago and to participate in their education system and curriculum. Wheaton’s professors are incredibly intelligent and have attended some of the world’s best universities. They are deeply invested in their students and challenge them with rigorous work and insightful classroom discussion. The small classroom sizes allows for open conversation with professors, discussion with peers, and a strong learning environment. Professors have high standards but are very open to assisting students with whatever they need. Wheaton also boasts many extracurricular opportunities where students can join various teams and be shaped as leaders. There are a great many clubs and societies to join or lead and they are fundamental to the college experience. Both education and extracurriculars are centred around faith, which is something Wheaton is remarkably committed to. Professors are dedicated to praying for their students and students are very keen to invest in the spiritual community. Chapel occurs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and professors often open their classes / lectures with prayer or a Bible reading. Our work is centred around our faith and often includes Biblical references or links. Housing allows for the creation of strong relationships and warm community. Wheaton has truly shaped me as a person and is somewhere that really feels like home to me. I would recommend it to any high achieving student who wishes to gain a Christ-centered education with many opportunities.

Programme: Political Science and International Relations
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2025
Campus: Wheaton, Illinois, United States
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