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London, United Kingdom
China in ...
Comparative Perspective
tolerance, freedom and curiosity

There was a popular saying at LSE: If the students graduated from the LSE, the view of the world was the same as before, then the school failed the students. Because the way of cultivating different ways of thinking and the way to cultivate the world is different, it should be the core content of the university(LSE) that is famous for social science research.__Studying at the LSE, in addition to the study itself, I am getting the vision and mentality, and a confidence, since this university respect every gender orientation, religious beliefs and living habits, etc. The social sciences emphasize tolerance. It can be said that LSE is a left-wing school in the traditional sense, many of the British Fabian Society and the early Labor Party theory are graduated from LSE. But at the same time, ironically, Professor Friedrich Hayek from the LSE was known for his opposition to the government’s intervention in the economy and his right-wing economic theories, even later won the Nobel Prize in Economics. A series of well-known debates between Hayek and Keynes on government intervention just occurred the period when Hayek taught at LSE. Both the left and right political economy theory can exist at LSE, which become a famous holy place for both theories, illustrating its academic level and academic freedom. __I think What LSE brings to me is not just the shining degree on the resume and the excellent alumni in LinkedIn. The curiosity and modesty that it advocates will be my lifelong pursuit.__

Programme: China in Comparative Perspective
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2019
Campus: London, United Kingdom
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