Student review [61895] for Lancaster University

Student review [#61895] for Film and Media Production
at Lancaster University

Lancaster, The United Kingdom
Film and ...
Media Production
9 months ago
Cheuk Woon
Cheuk Woon
Studying a film and media degree

My academic journey at Lancaster University delving into the intriguing realm of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. It’s been an enlightening experience that has expanded my knowledge and shaped my perspective on the diverse facets of the media and cultural landscape.
Lancaster University’s programme is a dynamic blend of theoretical insights and practical applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving fields of film and media. The curriculum offers a range of modules, from the captivating exploration of global cinema in ” Hollywood and beyond” to hands-on experiences in “Short Film Production” and the thought-provoking study of visual storytelling in “Visual Theatre”.

The faculty at Lancaster has been instrumental in creating an engaging learning environment. Their passion for the subjects and willingness to guide students in their academic pursuits have been truly inspiring.

Programme: Film and Media Production
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2024
Campus: Lancaster, The United Kingdom
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