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Student review [#66163] for Business Administration and Operations Management
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Durham, The United Kingdom
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Administration and Operations Management
3 months ago
Tradition Meets Modernity in Education

Durham University offers a rich academic environment with a strong focus on research and student development. The faculty is knowledgeable and often leaders in their fields, providing an intellectually stimulating experience. The university’s historical and picturesque campus adds to the overall appeal, creating a unique study environment. The collegiate system is a highlight in Durham University. At Durham University, students become part of a unique collegiate system, joining one of 17 distinct residential colleges. These colleges offer a blend of living, socializing, and academic spaces, fostering a tight-knit community atmosphere. Each college is open to students from any discipline, ensuring a diverse mix of individuals. Unique traditions and events, ranging from formal dinners to relaxed social gatherings, define each college’s character. Prospective students are encouraged to explore which college aligns best with their preferences and lifestyle. Secondly, Durham University is nestled in the historic heart of Durham city, providing a compact and accessible urban experience. The entire city, including all the colleges, can be traversed on foot in less than an hour, ensuring close proximity to both academic facilities and social circles. The university is integral to the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes iconic landmarks like Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle. This rich historical setting extends beyond the World Heritage Site, with cobbled streets and ancient buildings dotting the cityscape, offering a unique blend of history and modern university life.
However, like any institution, there are areas where Durham could improve. Some students might find the social scene a bit limited. As an international student, I observed a gap in the orientation process for newcomers, particularly in their acclimatization to university software and resources. Many, including myself, initially struggled to navigate the school’s digital platforms, which are crucial for participating in clubs and activities. This challenge often hindered our ability to integrate into the local social circle. To address this, I suggest the university could implement a more comprehensive digital orientation program. This program could include interactive tutorials and workshops focusing on the effective use of university resources. Additionally, creating a mentorship system where existing students guide newcomers could significantly ease this transition, fostering a more inclusive and welcoming environment for international students.
In summary, I would recommend Durham University to students who value a strong academic focus in a traditional and historic setting.

Programme: Business Administration and Operations Management
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2025
Campus: Durham, The United Kingdom
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