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Rotterdam School of Management - RSM Review

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Business Administration ...
and Management
16 Sep, 2017
Erasmus University, RSM

I studied at Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) from 2010 until 2013 for my Bachelor degree. Generally said, I would recommend the university to any peers considering to go there. The university, especially the business faculty, has some great facilities. The buildings look nice and are well equipped, the cafeteria are big and offer different types of food. RSM manages to get some great professors and alumni to come and speak for the students, which comes along with the high reputation RSM maintains. As an example, one of the guest speakers during my time at Erasmus was the current CEO of Ahold, a great inspirational person to hear from. The general business curriculum with the courses included is in general a great way to start any business career and a good preparation to do a master after, either at Erasmus or any other university. Money value wise, studying at Erasmus is a great bargain, considering its reputation and all mentioned above.

There are ofcourse, as in any university, some downsides to mention. During my time and still now, there is no limit for the number of students who can join in one year. This means, during my first year, over 900 students started the business study. This is ofcourse way too much: Classes are impersonal, people are less concentrated and it is harder to follow the lecture. It has to be said that during the course of the Bachelor, lots of people quit the study meaning the classes decrease in size afterwards. However, the size of the classes is still huge compared to other universities which makes the lecture quite impersonal.

Overall I would recommend Erasmus, and in particular the business department, to everyone looking to start a business career.

Programme: Business Administration and Management
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2019
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