ESADE Business School Review

Barcelona, Spain
Critical thinking, excellent proffesors and learning methodology, integrity

I have really good memories from my University degree in ESADE.
I think it really prepares you to perform in several different roles in company. It allows you to have strategic thinking and think on your own. Besides, it promotes making a positive impact in the society.
Furthermore, companies do value the degree in ESADE and you get opportunities to demonstrate your value in interviews.
I got my first job in one of the worst moments in Spanish Economy in the last decades, I guess the degree help for it.

Programme: Business
Graduation: 2008
Student Life
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February 27, 2019

Hello Sir.
I am about to apply to universities for my Master\’s Degree and I am looking forwards to ESADE Business School. Could you perhaps give me some tips on how to convince the university that I am fit for their programs? Any information would be useful.
Thank you Sir, I wish you all the best!

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