Student review [70654] for University of Johannesburg

Student review [#70654] for Public Administration
at University of Johannesburg - UJ

Johannesburg, South Africa
Public Administration
3 months ago
Use It To Become A Powerful Voice For Change!

I embarked on my BAHons in Public Management and Governance at UJ and it was fueled by a desire to make a tangible difference, I had hoped the program would be a launchpad – a place to dissect the inner workings of government, unpack complex policy issues, and emerge equipped to navigate the intricate dance between public service and societal needs. The experience was that it was an intellectually stimulating journey, filled with passionate debates and the hum of the library lights.
The course on “Public Policy Analysis” was particularly interesting in this academic journey. The sterile lecture halls transformed into think tanks as we dissected real-world policy challenges, from education reform to environmental sustainability. The aura was filled with passionate debate as we donned our analytical lenses, scrutinizing every facet of policy proposals. Research papers became our weapons, statistics our ammunition, and the click-clack of keyboards filled the room as we constructed counter-arguments and alternative solutions. The aim was not to just about learn theory; it was about developing critical thinking skills, the ability to deconstruct complex issues, and propose evidence-based solutions – a core competency for anyone aspiring to a career in public service.

One of the challenges was definitely the course workload in particularly public finance and governance frameworks. I felt like it was too much at times. The students who would like to study this program must buckle up. You are going to be challenged to hone your research and writing skills – the ability to navigate academic databases and synthesize complex information will be your best allies.

The BAHons in Public Management and Governance at UJ was a transformative experience. It without a doubt helped me with a deep understanding of public administration principles, fostered a critical approach to policy analysis, and instilled a passion for ethical and effective governance. If you’re a curious and public-spirited individual with a desire to contribute to positive social change, this program is the perfect springboard for your public service journey. Use what you learn here to become a powerful voice for positive change within the system. Most crucially, the next generation of policymakers and administrators might just be sitting alongside you in a UJ lecture hall, waiting to make their mark.

Programme: Public Administration
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Career Prospects
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