Student review [21836] for University of Wroclaw

Student review [#21836] for Business and Administration
at University of Wroclaw - UWr

Wroclaw, Poland
Business and ...
02 Mar, 2022
University of Wroclaw(UWr) - All you should know (Business and Administration)

Good afternoon guys, my name is Kiril and I’m a Ukrainian student that moved to Wroclaw half a year ago. The main reason for my life here is studying at the University of Wroclaw. And I want to assure you that when I was choosing the university, I didn’t make a mistake. The first reason why I love UWr is basically the teachers. Most of them are young but educated people and they really know how to give information. They are really communicative and they appreciate your activity and they reward you with bonuses. These bonuses are simply pluses, and you can use them to higher your mark or some teachers even allow you to skip some questions on the test. The life of a student is much easier than you can imagine. The schedule is made so that you will have a lot of free time to do whatever you want. Because of Covid-19 form of studying is hybrid, but classes are always held in University. The program is interesting, but sometimes hard to understand. However, teachers give a lot of materials that you can use to get more information or you can always ask them for help. But, on the other hand, the University of Wroclaw has its own problems. Personally, I had a big problem with the Teams Group, teachers just forgot to add me there. When I got to the decanat, I was informed that they can do nothing with this and I should write to ALL teachers who forgot to add me, and there were quite a lot of them. But, this is the only big problem that I had during my first year of studying. However, this is a rare situation. Let’s get back to positive things. The whole UWr is really beautiful, it looks fantastic! In the evening, when the lights are on it is the most romantic place to have a walk. Another plus of this University in Internationality. You can find friends from almost every country in the world! In my course, I have people from Algeria, Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, France, Germany, Nigeria etc. It is really great to have a chat with people who have different cultures and languages. And the last point before I sum up – career perspective. In my course, we learn everything about business and I think after finishing my bachelor’s degree I could easily find a job as a Manager in a big company, but it is only my expectations.

To sum up. This is a really great university, with communicative teachers and a great program. A fantastic schedule and a big number of students from other countries is a big plus. I recommend the University of Wroclaw to everyone who is reading this review and my family. Thanks for your attention, have a nice day and goodbye!

Programme: Business and Administration
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Campus: Wroclaw, Poland
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