Student review [66734] for Auckland University of Technology

Student review [#66734] for International Relations and Business Administration
at Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand
International Relations ...
and Business Administration
3 months ago
Loving your course and making great friendships.

I love AUT university! As a 2nd year undergrad student, who came into uni straight out of high-school, I would say my experience thus far has been satisfactory. University is a great place not just for studies, but to make life-long friendships and forge a career pathway, especially when going into the medical, corporate and humanitites industries. I love that my university offers a variety of opportunities for students of all nationalities to specialize in their niche career pathways, aiding the knowledge and understanding of that subject area, which helps prepare students (future leaders) for the evolving world ahead. On the flipside, what I do dislike about university, is the high tuition fees as well as living costs. Due to the increase in these costs in recent years, AUT uni alongside other NZ universities have seen a rapid decline of high-schoolers attending uni, as they simply can’t afford to pay, and juggle the cost of living crisis too, majorly due to the pandemic. This is only covering domestic students, let alone dissecting the insane tuition costs for international students coming into the country, and paying for other amenities citizens get for free, on top of the living crisis as well. This needs to change, and the government needs to find a way in which they can make university more accessible to youths and kids who can’t afford not just tution fees, but basic living necessities due to the living crisis. I would 100% recommend the journey of getting a degree and attending uni. So much wisdom and knowledge is being impacted, new skills developed and ideas coming to life. Friendships are also being born and milestones achieved. It’s more than just the sleepless nights. It’s about doing better for your future. Education is one thing no one can take away form you!

Programme: International Relations and Business Administration
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2024
Campus: Auckland, New Zealand
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