Student review [65993] for Carleton University

Student review [#65993] for Public Affairs
at Carleton University

Ottawa, Canada
Public Affairs
5 months ago
Great underrated undergraduate university

In the whole of Ottawa, Carleton gets eclipsed by its more “prestigious” sibling UOttawa primarily since UOttawa has a higher admissions average…But that doesn’t make it a better university. Carleton I feel is better for Undergrad students of all degrees for three simple reasons 1. Carleton Students get way more support from the university in all matters of mental health, financial and academic success. While both universities have similar departments, Carleton is regarded as having the better ones. As a result, Carleton Students are generally more happier than the UOttawa Counterparts. 2. Carleton has a better campus. If you look at a map of UOttawa you will quickly find that the buildings are scattered around downtown Ottawa. This means that you have to walk through the bustling city in order to get to where you need to go. In addition to this, there is a heightened presence of strangers walking around downtown at night which may be frightening for undergrads. Carleton on the other hand has a Campus that is on its own “Self-contained Island”, making it safe and easier to traverse. In addition to this, Carleton has a system of underground tunnels that connect all of the different buildings on campus, Making it excellent for cold and snowy days in Ottawa. UOttawa doesn’t have this thus the students have to make due with walking or biking around in the cold. Carleton is also greener than UOttawa, thanks to all of the green space that comes with being on your own little turf, Students on residence can enjoy all of this green space without having to leave the campus at all. 3. Carleton is right about at the centre of Ottawa whereas UOttawa is more east, this makes it ideal for students in all corners of Ottawa to get to it with relative ease. It’s location also aids it with co-op as being closer proximity to Ottawa’s tech hub Kanata North than UOttawa.

Programme: Public Affairs
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2026
Campus: Ottawa, Canada
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