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What Is a Travel and Hospitality Degree?

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear Travel and Hospitality is ‘people’. As the name of the degree suggests, it is all about customer service. Travel and Hospitality degrees prepare candidates to work in diverse working environments all over the world. 

Even so, many people confuse Travel and Hospitality degrees with Tourism degrees. What is the difference between these two? The main difference lies in where the employees work. With a Tourism degree, you can work in a museum, national park and so on, whilst with a Travel and Hospitality degree you will work in hotels, restaurants. 

This degree is shaped in such a way that candidates acquire skills about hotel management, food preparation and sanitation as well as human resources.

Benefits of a Travel and Hospitality Degree

Experts say that it only takes six months for Travel and Hospitality graduates to find a job. The most frequent areas which display the highest number of job opportunities are catering management and hotel management. As a result of their flexible degree, 15% of the graduates choose to combine work with study to broaden their employability chances. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will have an addition of 700 jobs, both in management positions and others. 

Perhaps the most important benefit is represented by the growth opportunities. This degree will teach you about networking and developing your emotional intelligence, which are of utmost importance in this field. 

Travel and Hospitality Degree Structure

This degree lasts for three years, out of which one year should be spent abroad. Usually, in the second year of their studies, students go abroad and study in a partner country. The whole idea behind this is to encourage cultural awareness and adaptation. 

Additionally, some universities in the UK provide a compulsory internship during which students gather relevant industry experience.

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