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What Is a Philosophy Degree?

Contrary to popular belief, Philosophy degrees are not just about sitting and wondering about the meaning of life. This type of degree gives students a wider perspective about how to tackle different issues – thus preparing them for the outside world.

Philosophy degrees are shaped in such a way that encourages candidates to make use of logic and ethics for the in-depth study of fundamental issues. 

Therefore, Philosophy enhances interpretive, analytical, imaginative, critical, and communicative skills. Candidates will acquire intellectual capacities which are of utmost importance for self-fulfilment and active participation in public life. In addition, they will experience success in a wide range of careers, such as law, business, education, journalism, and so on.

Benefits of a Philosophy Degree

The essential benefit gained from having a Philosophy degree is the mindset you acquire. Graduates learn how to constructively tackle major problems and come up with the best solutions.

Studies have shown that Philosophy is one of the most sought-after majors in Humanities in the market place. Why? The answer lies in the creative mindset and set of transferable skills that can be applied in various areas of expertise, not only Philosophy. What employers appreciate about Philosophy graduates is their problem-solving and thinking skills as well as their organised way of laying out information. 

Last, but not least, those who pursue a Philosophy degree acquire numerous life skills, which can be applied both on a personal and professional level. Thus, they grow as individuals, through effective communication, critical thinking and the ability to see a problem from different angles. 

Philosophy Degree Structure

Philosophy courses are usually three-year commitments and they come under the form of a Bachelor of Arts. The major concentrates on the history of Philosophy, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Justice and Values and so on. Furthermore, they can be easily combined with other minors. 


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