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Student Visa Requirements

In order to study as a student in Australia you will need to meet certain criteria for the student visa, which every potential student needs to apply for.

You will need to be able to provide proof of enrollment in an Australian university or institution or a letter of confirmation of offer from them. You will also need to provide a Genuine Temporary Entrant statement, confirming your intention is to enter Australia to complete a study programme and then leave upon completion.

Also required for an Australian student visa is proof of English proficiency, with all courses in Australia being taught primarily in English along with evidence that you will be able to support yourself financially whilst studying in Australia.

As part of the visa application you will also need to undergo a medical examination, depending on the kind of visa you are applying for and a number of other factors; including the risk of health problems prevalent in your home country, your length of stay and intended activities in Australia.

Depending on the kind of visa you need to study the fee varies, with options for free right up to AU$560.

Student Accommodation in Australia

Some Australian universities do offer accommodation options for their international students in the form of halls of residence, which tend to be significantly cheaper than private accommodation and is organised before your arrival.

The most popular means of student accommodation in Australia though is a private flat/home share with other students; although the price of this can vary dramatically depending on what kind of accommodation you want, who you want to live with and where you are living.

Homestays are also a popular option for international students, especially if you are only staying for a short term or if you want to find somewhere to live once in Australia. Homestays can last anywhere between 4 weeks to duration of your course and are largely organised by private companies and universities.

Applying to Australian Universities

You will need to apply directly to the university of choice if you want to study in Australia, but before doing so it is important to check the university’s own admission guidelines to ensure you provide the correct information along with ensuring you meet the entry requirements for both the course and to obtain a student visa.

Each university will have an admissions department which you be able to consult with to ensure your application is appropriate and there will also be student services to provide help with visa applications once you have had an offer accepted and a place offered.

Australian Tuition Fees and Finance

For international students wanting to study in Australia tuition fees can be quite expensive, with undergraduate degrees costing around AU$29,235 p/year with these fes getting even higher if you want to partake in a higher level of study.

Tuition fees are separated into units of study, with each unit having its own cost which means that tuition fees will likely be different for most applicants.

The good news is there are plenty of scholarships available to help offset the cost of the tuition fees, but the cost of living is of the highest for international students; Australia’s department of immigration estimates that the minimum cost of living per year is around AU$19,830.

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