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Get Familiar with Université d’Orléans


Did you know Université d’Orleans is one of the oldest universities in the world after the University of Cambridge and Sorbonne University? Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a prestigious educational institution which shapes the future of many students. EDUopinions will tell you more about this university. Alternatively, you can request more information about other universities.

Get To Know Université D’Orleans

Founded in 1306 by Pope Clement V, Université d’Orleans is located in Orléans, a picturesque city in France. What makes its location special is that is just minutes away from the famous chateaux of the Loire River Valley. Over time, the popes have granted the university many privileges. Thus, in the 14th century, the institution had students not only from France but also from Germany and Scotland.

The school maintained its standards until nowadays! Currently, there are over 17,000 students enrolled in its academic programmes. Speaking of academics, Université D’Orleans provides a wide range of courses which include Management, History, Law, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Computer Science and other fields.

Moreover, apart from the courses offered, the university encourages its students to go study abroad in exchange programmes. The school has bilateral partnerships with other institutions through which they “swap” students. What does that mean? For every incoming student, there is an outgoing one. The programmes are either for six months or one full academic year. Check out their website for more information!

As far as university life is concerned, there is only one campus, situated 100 km away from Paris. The good news is that it comes with a great view – Val de Loire is listed in the UNESCO’s Natural Heritage – and with good facilities! You can find the Academic Library – which has more than 500,000 books, plenty of cafeterias, and a Cultural Centre called Le Bouillon.

Applying to Université D’Orleans

In order to apply to Université D’Orleans, you must meet the relevant requirements. It is important to understand that students can apply either as in-state freshmen or international students.

If you are an in-state freshman, you must have:

  • A ‘Baccalaureate Diploma together with the grades obtained throughout the years’
  • An ‘Application File’. More information about this can be found here.

If you are an international student, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • ‘Official high school transcripts must be sent directly from the school. The transcripts must be in the original language, accompanied by an official English translation. International college/university transcripts must be evaluated by one of the NACES Evaluation Agencies.’
  • A Highschool Diploma and Application File.

For more in-depth information, you can read here about all the entry requirements needed. Also, remember to verify and respect all the deadlines of the application process.

What happens after you apply? You might be full of enthusiasm and energy, but you should constantly check your admission status and wait for a final response. You should receive a confirmation email stating the university has received your application. Additionally, you should be waiting a couple of weeks until you get the confirmation.

Fees, Fundings, Scholarships

The fundings and scholarships are offered mainly to international students coming to study at Université D’Orleans. Please click here to find out more about them.

Tuition fees vary according to many factors, such as the academic year of study, or whether you are a French or International student. Regardless, their website provides clear information about the tuition according to each case.

Students’ Positive Opinions About Université D’Orleans

Students at Université D’Orléans mention a lot of positive thoughts about their university in EDUopinions comments. Take a look at the most frequent ones!

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect which is praised by the students is the international environment. Since the university provides courses for students from all over the world, everyone has the chance to practise a foreign language and learn more about different cultures.

Anonymous student
Good international experience

A good learning experience being an international student surrounded by multicultural students from all over the world. The quality of education is good with well-known faculties available but could be improved (especially when teaching international students in the English language and few professors face difficulties in expressing their thoughts in English).
Few people at the student administration department(Les Hetres) are not always friendly unless you speak good French. It may not always leave a good impression. Instead of showing unfriendly behavior, encourage them in a positive way to learn French.
Options are available to perform extracurricular activities like sports etc.
Overall, I recommend this University.

Campus: Orleans

Moreover, students are extremely satisfied with the university’s professors. They are described as being ‘experienced,’ ‘friendly,’ and ‘passionate.’ Thus, it is a pleasure for the majority of students to attend their courses, while they gain relevant knowledge about different topics.

Anonymous student
Top quality education at very reasonable fees

The university campus is quite big and diverse. It offers multitude of programmes to choose from and at a very reasonable fee structure. Professors are very experienced in their domain and are friendly towards students. I think this university needs more recognition.

Campus: Orleans

Additionally, another positive aspect of Université D’Orleans is its campus. Not only does it have a friendly atmosphere, but also it is well-equipped with plenty of facilities. Students can spend their time in the library, or in one of the little coffee shops. It has a cultural centre – for the art lovers – and sports centres – for the ones who like to stay fit.

Anonymous student
Good place to study! Good city to pass your student life

This is the old university and has its own traditions of teaching and its own unique atmosphere. The student residences are located not far from university that facilitates your everyday life. The canteen is not expensive. The libraries are full of necessary books. The life of students after studies is also active. There is a possibility to practice different sports.
The professors are competent and friendly. There are programmes in English. Many foreigners. The city of Orleans is calm and relatively cheap.
Nice place to obtain knowledge and pass your young years!

Campus: Orleans

Taking into consideration all the comments on the EDUopinions page, we can say that all the positive opinions are just a matter of perspective. While the campus is great for some students, others complain about its location, which is ‘far outside the city’. There are students who are satisfied with the professors, while others state that ‘they are not interested enough’. Moreover, it is also emphasised that ‘without knowing French is very hard to live in Orléans’. Point of views like this, however, depends on each one’s own tastes.

Where Students Think Université D’Orléans Could Get Better

Overall, the majority of the students are pleased with their university. However, there is only a point to mention in this section. According to others, some courses should be ‘reviewed’, because they focus too much on general facts, rather than specific information.

Additionally, it would be helpful if the university offered internships to its students. In this way, more relevant knowledge can be gained by doing.

Anonymous student
Attention to students&Some courses to review

What I really liked is that professors and administration are really attentive to students opinion. We could change courses, could always openly say what we didn’t like and be sure it will be reviewed.

Some courses have too much general information, which is not masters degree level in my opinion. However, many other subjects that I had now are very useful during my internship.

I also would like the University to help its students to find internships.

As to the general impression of the 2 years of studies, it is rather positive and I would recommend it.

Campus: Orleans

In Conclusion

Here it is! Being one of the oldest universities in the world comes with its privileges – lots of experience! Every year, Université D’Orléans prepares lots of students for the dynamic working environment. Graduating from such a university will bring you many benefits in your career path!

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