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Why Study a Business Course Online?


Taking a business course online can be just as good as taking one on-campus. However, at times, online classes can be harder than the on-campus ones. Apart from the hardware and software required to enrol in online classes, there is an added factor of self-discipline to do these classes without a teacher directly guiding you.

In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions will explain why study a Business Course Online is worth the effort.

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is a business Course Online Worth the effort?

Not everyone can spend time or money going to class every day. So, are online courses worth it? They are if you cannot quit your job or be away from your family. Financially speaking, these types of classes might require even smaller investments of money than traditional programmes.

According to a Forbes study of nearly 1,000 online student learners at Harvard Business School, the career and personal benefits are at par with those who did a traditional course.

Continuing, 96% of students experienced personal betterment after the online course. Plus, 90% believed it made them a better leader and 91% said it improved their professional life.

Are online degrees respected?

We have covered the reasons why online classes are practical, however, at the end of the day, students want to know if the programme is respected by employers. In earlier years, online education was an oddity and its value was pretty uncertain. But times have changed, and many business schools now deliver classes online. More than one-third of brick-and-mortar colleges offer degrees entirely online.

As more and more trusted universities offer online programmes, employers’ trust continues to grow. According to a survey by Careerbuilder, 83% of executives say that “an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based programme.”

Why are online Courses hard for some?

Just because an online programme allows you to study from the comfort of your home does not mean that it will be easier. In fact, you will be sorely disappointed if you think so. Here are several reasons as to why online classes are hard:

  • The workload for traditional and online courses is the same: Just because you are taking an online class does not mean that the homework will be less or reading will be less. Both the courses require the same amount of work and because you will be working without a teacher, you will feel the pressure. Many online classes have a lot of reading and colleges have also started to incorporate multimedia content.
  • The curriculum is the same for all formats. This is because they have to maintain a high standard of education no matter which studying format students choose to pursue.
  • Online classes require more self-drive: Taking an online class means that students will have to push themselves to complete the classes. Since a lot of online students work, this can be an added work task to their already long day which may require more motivation. Finding ways to self-motivate can be hard for students who are not used to studying without the supervision of a teacher or a guide.

Which Business Courses Online are on demand?

In addition to the 10 most affordable online programmes, you can also explore the following programmes:

Executive Master in International Business at ESCP Europe


The Executive Master in International Business (EMIB) offered by ESCP Europe is an online programme composed of 18 management and leadership classes. Through these, you will master the skills needed for the many strategic areas of a company trading in international markets.

MSc in Information Security Management at Apsley Business School

united kindgdom

The MSc in Information Security Management at Apsley Business School offers two specialist units that are sought in today’s business environment.

Information Security Fundamentals, which covers everything related to cyber risks and cybersecurity.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, which teaches the fundamentals of the OCEG Red Book Standard as a model for achieving effective GRC frameworks and outcomes.


MBA in International Marketing at EU Business School

This MBA in International Marketing provides the tools for understanding markets, competitors, product portfolios and consumer behaviour from an international perspective. Students at EU Business School will learn about the latest developments in digital marketing strategies, advertising and media, which will prepare them for a career in international marketing.

Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme, Said Business School, University of Oxford

This 6-week long programme at Said Business School aims to supply you with an understanding of Artificial Intelligence. You will know more about AI’s history, functionality, and capability. You will learn where AI can be applied in your organisation and gain the necessary skills to do so.


As we saw, taking a business class online helps students in their business careers, enables them to keep their jobs, plus they are just as good as on-campus classes. Online programmes though hard, can be a great source of education for those who do not want to invest in a traditional course.

You might also be interested in checking out our list of the top 5 universities in Europe offering online business courses.

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