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Georgetown University vs The George Washington University


Based in the bustling U.S. capital, Georgetown University and George Washington University are two of Washington D.C.’s most respected places to earn a degree. While both boast academic acclaim, prime locations, and historic significance, these two higher education establishments have very different feels, and EDUopinions will tell you exactly what they are both like.

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The George Washington University

What You Need to Know

The George Washington University was founded in 1821 by the U.S. Congress, fulfilling George Washington’s vision for an institute of higher education in the heart of America’s capital city. It is now the largest university in Washington D.C., with over 25,000 students in attendance. Bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees are offered across ten different schools and colleges. They are well known for their healthcare, law, and public affairs programmes and offer classes at their main campus in D.C. as well as two satellite campuses in nearby Virginia. Students may also take courses online.

Known locally as GW, George Washington University’s campus, Foggy Bottom, sits only blocks away from the White House and other key governmental agencies, offering a unique setting for those interested in careers in the public sector. The school has a modern, metropolitan feel, where city streets lined with trendy shops and restaurants intermingle with academic buildings and dormitories.

The Good

Foggy Bottom is situated in the heart of the city, so students have easy access to public transportation, shopping, bars, and restaurants. Students can easily board the metro and visit the Mall, a central park graced by famous monuments and museums (many of which are free to the public). GW’s law, healthcare and public affairs programmes are highly ranked, and their unique location provides endless opportunities for students seeking careers in politics, law and government. Over 66% of students receive some sort of financial aid, which is a major attraction for those considering higher education but worried about cost.

Georgetown University


What You Need to Know

Founded in 1789 by John Carroll, Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the U.S. It is home to over 4,500 students across nine different schools, 38% of whom receive some form of financial aid. Georgetown is a highly-ranked university, well-known for its public policy, business, medical and law programmes.

If GW has made an advantage of its central location, Georgetown has succeeded in becoming a world unto itself. At the southwestern side of the city, an urbane academic epicentre is bordered by well-groomed neighbourhoods and a chic shopping and dining district. The area is a popular tourist and local destination for its array of shops, restaurants, and historic sites. The main campus isn’t far from popular D.C. attractions, including monuments, museums and government facilities.

The Good

Georgetown is a city within a city, and though not as centrally located as Foggy Bottom, offers more than enough entertainment for locals. If students want to explore more of D.C., the city centre is easily accessible by public transportation. Georgetown is a highly-ranked university and hosts top law, public policy and MBA programmes. It’s smaller student body may appeal to some, and may ensure better access to faculty. Like GW, Georgetown’s location offers easy access to jobs and internships, particularly for students seeking careers in politics, law, and government.

In Conclusion

Both George Washington University and Georgetown offer exciting academic opportunities in a fast-paced city. Their unique position allows students an inside glimpse of life and work in Washington D.C.

    • George Washington University and Georgetown are situated in Washington D.C.
    • Students at both universities have close proximity to internships and jobs in law, public policy, and medicine
    • Both GW and Georgetown are well-known for their law, public policy and healthcare programmes
    • Georgetown is a highly-ranked U.S. university situated in a quaint, cosy corner of D.C.
    • George Washington University’s campus at Foggy Bottom blends seamlessly into the city, so students are living in the heart of D.C. as opposed to residing in the periphery
    • Both campuses offer a wide range of activities for students, including popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas
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