Applying to University of York? Here is what you need to Know

Applying to University of York? Here’s what you need to Know


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The University of York was established in 1963 and is home to around 17.000 students today. The campus has a size of about 200 hectares, including the York Science Park, wildlife, lakes and greenery. There are nine colleges administrated by the University of York, and every student is allocated to one of them. The university strategy paper reveals that their key strategic objectives are to be a world leader in research, to offer outstanding learning and teachings, and to offer all students and outstanding and valuable experience. It is also a member of the International Sustainable Campus Network, and sustainability plays a key role in their self-vision and their internal development. Therefore, the university has a variety of initiatives and activities, such as a carbon management plan, green initiatives and waste management goals. The development of staff and students is also an important aspect of their values framework. In the 2018 national ranking, the University of York was ranked 16th by The Times and 17th by The Guardian.


Get to know the University of York



The university is organized in 27 interdisciplinary departments, where you can study in almost every domain. So, some of those departments are for example Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Environment, Health Sciences, History, Law, Management, Music, Philosophy, Physics, or Politics. There are hundreds of undergraduate or postgraduate programs taught by those departments.

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs are £9,250 per year for UK/EU students. If you are planning to do a year abroad at the University of York, the fees will be 15% of the annual fee. If you need financial support, the governmental Student Loans Company can cover the cost of your fees. In addition, the UK government offers a maintenance loan to help you cover the cost of living expenses.


Applying at the University of York

When applying at the University of York, you need to start by choosing a course and checking the individual entry requirements. As a non-native English speaker, you need to prove evidence that you are able to speak English. It is highly recommended by the university to join an Open Day before applying, so you know more about studying in York and you know what you apply for.

The formal applicated is then submitted via UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), as it is with other universities in the UK. After successful application, the university will guide you on the further procedure and how you can apply for accommodation.


Students’ Opinions on the University of Paris-Sud


Applying to University of York? Here is what you need to Know

For Patrick, the University of York is the perfect compromise between the countries’ elite universities, yet still offering a great education, a beautiful campus in the right academic feeling due to its collegiate system. Studying hard is encouraged in rewarded by the university, but there is still enough room to develop yourself, join communities, make friends and enjoy your academic life. Some accommodations are a bit older, but most people are very satisfied with their rooms and roommates. What kind of student would you be? Would you always give your best or rather enjoy the best time of your life? Share your thoughts with us!


Applying to University of York? Here is what you need to Know

As a French student, Margaux is having a great experience studying in York and felt very welcomed by the campus and the country. She is studying English literature and she is fascinated by the dense information she gets in the lectures and everything she can learn. They have a great library where she enjoys to study. Margaux is also satisfied with her accommodation and loves to play in the women’s football team. The local shops provide her with everything she needs as someone who loves to cook. Are you planning to go to the UK for studying abroad? We are sure you have plenty of questions. Ask Margaux what you want to know!


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Applying to University of York? Here is what you need to Know

George loves the challenging yet highly positive atmosphere at the University of York. As a first-termer, the staff is very helpful when it comes to getting settled in the new environment. The accommodations are also great, even in comparison to other universities. Societies, the colleges and the universities offer a real sense of belonging, making student life more enjoyable and social in general. The city of York is appreciated by George and other students. Although not especially large, the nightlife in York is “top drawer”! Great nightlife is a must for you when deciding on a city? Ask for great places to party now!



If you are looking for a university in the UK offering studies from all disciplines, yet not having those high and elite standards that are common in the UK, you might have just found one! The University of York is a very positive academic environment, which receives international students with open arms and provides high education for everyone who is willing to learn. The colleges and societies make student life really worthwhile and neat accommodations and a great city give your academic time the final touch you need for making it perfect.


How was your experience at the University of York?

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