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What Do Students Think About Studying Business at EM Strasbourg?


Your choice of business school can make a huge difference to your future career. Where you study, the people you meet, and the electives you choose will shape your interests and career opportunities. For these students, their choice to study at EM Strasbourg Business School has undoubtedly been a positive life-changing experience.

Edna Ndembet studied her bachelor’s degree in international affairs at EM Strasbourg, graduating in 2023. After that, she enrolled on the Programme Grande École (PGE), a flexible programme that enabled her to delve into business subjects with at the Master’s level.

Shady Ayad, meanwhile, graduated last year with a PGE degree, specialising in logistics, material, and supply chain management. He applied his practical skills during an apprenticeship on the programme and is now hopeful that he’ll find a full-time role that matches his skills.

Let’s hear from both Edna and Shady about why they chose the PGE programme at EM Strasbourg, and how the school has helped them achieve their business education goals.

What is the PGE degree at EM Strasbourg?

PGE Programme at EM Strasbourg

The Programme Grande École is a flexible business programme that students can enter at any level. For students with minimal previous study, the programme runs for a maximum of five years, encompassing both bachelor’s and master’s level.

However, both Edna and Shady, who already had studied bachelor’s degrees – Edna at EM Strasbourg and Shady at Minia University in Egypt – enrolled on the two-year master’s-level PGE degree.

Students can choose from three tracks on the master’s programme: a leadership programme, a co-op track including work experience, and a hybrid track enabling greater specialisation in one core subject.

There are seven specialisations to choose from, meaning students are very likely to find one that matches their current interests and career goals. For example, you could choose entrepreneurship if you’d like to start your own business, or customer journey digitalisation if you’re interested in how technology can transform business operations.

Student Experience: Edna Ndambet

After a bachelor’s degree at EM Strasbourg, Edna still wasn’t sure what her future career looked like. So, she decided to stay in Strasbourg and enrol in the PGE programme.

The flexibility of the programme meant Edna could initially explore different areas of business, before specialising in something that genuinely interested her. Now, Edna is looking at working in supply chain management, where she’ll have the opportunity to work around the world in a strategic, complex sector.

Here’s what Edna said about her experience studying at EM Strasbourg!

Edna - EM Strasbourg
Edna Ndembet, student at EM Strasbourg

Can you share some insights into the student life at EM Strasbourg?

There is a rich student life at the EM. Many areas of interest are covered so it feels like there’s something for everyone.

There are student bureaux per program (bachelor and master), sports associations, art clubs, fashion clubs and so on. Each of them offers different activities: one day it can be picnics, the other may be a party, sports matches, or even trips. There is a real diversity in the things we can do.

I personally am more on the introvert side, so depending on the type of event I decide whether or not to attend. Generally, I choose tandems, which have more to do with language learning and exchange.

But if I had to choose an event that really stood out, I would say the integration weekend. Regardless of whether you go or not, you can recognise the amount of work the student bureau puts in: they have to raise the money, organise everything, make sure that all students are well and entertained, and all of that when the year has just started.

Are there any specific skills or knowledge areas you feel you have gained at EM Strasbourg that will be particularly valuable in your future career?

One thing that comes to mind is the fact we learned how to multitask, work in groups and organise ourselves.

We often had to do group presentations or group projects, and sometimes prepare different works with different teams during the same time frame. So, we needed to be clear about our objectives, make sure that the work was done properly and in time – which will be very useful in the future.

Furthermore, the fact that we have general and elective courses outside of our majors (finance, marketing, law, or storytelling for example) is also very valuable. Even if it’s not really areas that we enjoy, we do realise that they could be an asset in the future regardless of what field we work in.

How does the business school foster a collaborative and supportive learning environment among students?

I think that the learning environment relies a lot on the professors. It’s easier to study, understand and be willing to learn when the person in front of you is open and passionate about what they teach.

An example would be finance class. It is a subject in which I am not very good and which honestly is not my favourite, but the fact that our professor is very attentive and always tries to make sure that everyone is following and at least understands something makes it worth trying.

Another memorable example is the associative projects. In these, we are tasked with carrying out, from start to finish, caritative or entrepreneurial projects. We need to plan our activities, raise and handle money, and be able to form partnerships.

We would function like small organisations which is very hard, so it was great to have teams and professors behind us who would give advice to us, reprimand us when needed and guide us throughout the whole process.

Student Experience: Shady Ayad

Shady originally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in the automotive industry. However, he knew that a combination of technical expertise and management skills could open up further opportunities.

For that reason, he returned to university, choosing EM Strasbourg for its diverse specialisations and the quality of life in Strasbourg. The need for a top-ranked business programme in English also contributed to his decision.

For the time being, Shady is still looking for his ideal role but is certain that his experience at EM Strasbourg boosted his credibility and professional skills.

This is Shady’s experience of studying a business degree at EM Strasbourg.

Shady Ayad, graduate of EM Strasbourg

In your opinion, what sets EM Strasbourg apart from other business schools, and how has this uniqueness influenced your educational journey and career?

I can summarise EM Strasbourg’s uniqueness in three areas: diversity, quality, and heritage. The school offers tailored programs aimed at a large segment of students; the curriculum is efficient but is considerably less expensive than many other business schools in France and Europe; and being part of the University of Strasbourg combined with adopting the futuristic vision of graduating highly-skilled business managers.

I believe that my degree from the school will enable me to find an opportunity in such a competitive modern market.

Could you highlight a memorable academic experience or course that has been particularly impactful for you?

There were plenty of useful, interesting and applicable courses that I was lucky to have.

During my first year, the international strategy course was one of the best. It explained nearly everything related to business administration and decision-making. Also, brand management was a highly recommended course to identify, build and grow a specific brand within a specific market.

In my second year, sustainable operations management was one of the top courses that implemented – with both theoretical and practical basis – a sustainable approach for all departments within a firm/company.

Besides, the well-known CPIM module by APICS, was included in my curriculum as well.

How did you approach the job search process after graduation?

I had my second year of the master’s degree in alternate [combined work/study], which offered me a good integration in the French/European market and enabled me to acquire the needed demands/skills for it.

I was hired by Corteva Agriscience; I had approached them via the school’s professional network (Capcareer platform).

I’m still following the same network updates for my job search after graduation, besides the popular job networks (Linkedin, Apec, Indeed, etc) and I find it very useful for hunting a good job offer.

Student Reviews of EM Strasbourg

Bachelor in Management

Bachelor degree

The Bachelor program at EM STRASBOURG allows you to discover all the business professions. It also allowed me to have an international opening, I was able to make a 3 months exchange in Florida to learn the language! And today I know that I want to become a project manager in the music sector.

Programme: Management
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Campus: Strasbourg
Career Prospects
Student Life


European Management ...
Anonymous student

Step into EM Strasbourg Business School, where education becomes a dynamic journey. It’s not just classrooms; it’s a vibrant arena for cultivating business brilliance. Professors aren’t just educators; they’re mentors, guiding you through the intricacies of the business landscape. The campus isn’t just a place to study; it’s a bustling hub where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. EM Strasbourg isn’t just a school; it’s an ecosystem where theory seamlessly blends with real-world impact. Joining here feels like becoming part of a community shaping the future of business

Programme: European Management Studies
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2024
Campus: Strasbourg
Career Prospects
Student Life

Programme Grande École

Programme Grande ...
Ecole (PGE)
Anonymous student
Unveiling Academic Excellence:

EM Strasbourg stands out as a dynamic institution dedicated to shaping the future of business leaders. With a robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and a commitment to innovation, this university provides a comprehensive learning experience for students pursuing careers in management.

Programme: Programme Grande Ecole (PGE)
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2025
Campus: Strasbourg
Career Prospects
Student Life


If you’re looking for a business programme where you have the flexibility to pursue your own interests, while gaining a solid foundation in practical skills, then the PGE degree at EM Strasbourg might be the right choice for you.

Hearing from students at Strasbourg, including Shady and Edna, it’s clear that students appreciate the diverse curriculum and opportunities for technical specialisation. The opportunity to gain practical work experience in your chosen field in the second year of the Master’s programme is also a unique element. As well as giving students an opportunity to network with influential companies, the hybrid work/study arrangement is also a way to develop practical skills – which are guaranteed to be an attractive prospect for an employer.

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