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5 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Students


From my personal experience, I understand how difficult it can be to buy Christmas presents on a budget – especially when you are at university as you can have little time to research gift ideas and not a lot of funds to follow through with the gift. As a student I finally felt like I was becoming an adult and wanted to give back to my family and friends who had helped me get that far, but with a limited amount of money to spend on the people I care most about it made me feel awful that I couldn’t give them the presents they deserved.

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Gift Ideas


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Framed Photos

A very simple idea perfect for a family member or friend. You can get a picture printed extremely cheaply on professional photo paper in many supermarkets or chemists by just plugging your phone into the machine they have there, or if you prefer you can just print out the photo at home on normal printer paper. Then all you need to do is buy a nice frame for, usually, a few euro and your personal gift is complete.


Creating Memories



Linking with the above gift idea, creating memories – which could later become a framed photo – is a good gift idea for a close friend. Instead of giving actual gifts, your present could be a promise to go bowling or play mini golf together, or whatever hobbies interest you both. Thus, the price range for this can change quite drastically, for example, if you agree to go take your friend on a picnic as a present that could cost only a few euro, bowling and mini golf could cost a little more, whereas a meal or gig could cost a lot more. Really, this gift is just suggesting that you don’t always have to give a physical present for Christmas.



A flower or plant is a perfect present for your mother or a grandparent which won’t break the budget and will hopefully last a long time. Depending on the plant, you may only have to spend a few euro, and it would be a very thoughtful gift and will light up the room they choose to put it in. Furthermore, if you want to gift something slightly more exciting you could buy a cactus for a similar budget.



Maybe you received a gift last Christmas or for your Birthday that you hated but didn’t want to be rude and bin it so it’s just lying there unopened in the back of your closet. If there is somebody in mind that you know would love that present, why not regift it to them? Furthermore, similarly you could have an item of clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore, so why not give it as a present to a friend or younger sibling.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales



Not a gift idea as such, but if you want to buy clothes as a Christmas present look out for the online sales, specifically the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Clothes can be reduced by as much as 50%, so it is always worth looking at a few of your favourite shops online around Thanksgiving (at the end of November) for the best reduction in prices.



To conclude, Christmas doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems, and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank. I have given in this article five suggestions of gifts that you could give this Christmas and I hope they have been helpful. Thank you for reading and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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