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Locations: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela – USC is a public higher education institution. It is located in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia in Spain. The university is one of the oldest universities in Spain- it was founded in 1495 and has been striving to provide excellent training ever since. A second campus was opened in Lugo, Galicia. The school received the stamp of approval by Pope Julius II in 1504. From 1555 on, the school started to slowly separate itself from strictly religious instruction and developed other academic fields. Nowadays, the school is able to offer degrees in the fields of Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Technical and Humanities. The prestigious courses are well-known around Spain and the world- many famous leading professors, scientists and writers studied at USC. But the famous alumni doesn’t only consist of successful creative graduates, the school also produced a prime minister and many Spanish ministers, as well as all of the Xunta de Galicia presidents. The campus in Santiago de Compostela has 18 faculties, 1 associated university school, 1 associated centre, as well as 1 higher technical school, and 1 professional development school. It is also host to 16 research institutes, 6 research centres. The facilities spread across more than 130 hectares. The faculty is made up of excellent teachers, more than 2,000 to be exact. Over 42,000 students are currently enrolled in one of the many degree programmes at USC. The administrative staff is made up of more than 1,000 people. The university is renowned and constantly ranked among Spain’s best universities. The “Complutense University of Madrid” ranking places Universidade de Santiago de Compostela 5th in the best universities in Spain ranking. In 2009, the school received the accreditation of Campus of International Excellence by the Ministry of Education (Spain)- officially recognizing Universidade de Santiago de Compostela one of the most prestigious schools in Spain. Screen reader support enabled.

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  • "Great location"

    The University of Santiago de Compostela has two campuses, one in the city of Santiago de Compostela and another in the city of Lugo. Santiago is a small city with a lot of student atmosphere and a wide cultural and musical offer. In addition, you can find many flats shared with other students at a good price. The university offers a wide variety of degrees related to science and humanities, summer workshops, training practices, language school, national and international exchange programs … In short, it is a very recommendable place to live some beautiful University years

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  • Manuel
    Study in Santiago What do you think?

    I am a student of the USC in the branch of the biosanitary sciences, more concretely in the race of Infirmary; Then I will try to expose as clearly as possible my experience during my first year in this race and university. Within a career there are two basic pillars in my opinion, the facilities and teaching, the second being more important than the first. As for the facilities, I have to say that in the faculty of nursing it is not one of its strengths, since from the outside it looks like an old and shabby building with which the passage of time has been primed; However inside is not so catastrophic nor much less, have enough facilities for the development of theoretical classes, however in the field of practice is where we can see more gaps, Since the economic crisis of 2008 the constant cuts in education have reduced the economic capacity of the faculty and the university in general, resulting in practical classes that are theoretical and those that try to be practical are reduced to a huge group of students Sharing a single test tube. In spite of this the university is not only equipped classes or beautiful buildings, but the true spirit of the university is in the faculty and the students. In the first course of nursing courses 9 subjects, and I will not enter each of the teachers who teach them, but if I can say with knowledge of the cause that vagrancy and chabacanería reign in the teaching spirit of the great part of Teachers, where theoretical classes become political meetings or practical classes are composed solely of the viewing of videos taken from YouTube "related to the subject" however and thanks to them if I see in the obligation to highlight the work of Two of my professors, the biology teacher and Dr. Meaños, who was in charge of teaching clinical anatomy, I could see what it means to be a university professor, they wanted our interest, commitment and dedication, they pursued knowledge and did not note it; Unlike the rest of his classmates of which I would not be honest with myself if I put them at the level of these teachers. The USC has a lot of flaws, like most public institutions, but it is also worth noting that they have some high-quality professors, which in essence have been the reason that a server has not reneged on its university. There is a lot of work to do and much to improve but we are the students who must do it, we must not be satisfied.

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  • Opinión

    Buena ciudad y buena universidad. Profesorado competente y múltiples actividades promovidas por la Universidad. Lo peor, el tiempo de la ciudad. No para de llover salvo en verano.

    Las salidas profesionales son buenas.

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  • Best Science Campus in Galicia

    I sincerely believe that we are talking about the best possible place to study sciences in Galicia, both at the academic and research levels. It stands out for its good positioning in general rankings at a Spanish level. I had the pleasure of receiving classes from some of the young chemists with the greatest projection at a European level, as well as from one or another professor recognized for his extensive research career.

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  • Bueno pero no excelente

    Al tener la mayoría de las facultades condensadas en una ciudad pequeña el ambiente estudiantil que se ha creado es maravilloso, hay numerosas bibliotecas y actividades disponibles para la comunidad universitaria así como zonas verdes y zonas de descanso que permiten desconectar un poco del mundo en general.
    En el ámbito académico podría mejorar, podemos encontrar tanto catedráticos excepcionales como profesores poco interesados en transmitir conocimientos adecuadamente. Muchas asignaturas se basan en memorizar y recitar enormes cantidades de apuntes en vez de tratar de explicar más a fondo los diversos conceptos para poder interiorizarlos y llevarlos a práctica de forma correcta.

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  • Arroz
    Estudiar para profesor en Lugo

    He estudiado la carrera de Profesor de Educación Física (EF) en esta facultad de Lugo. Mi experiencia fue muy positiva.
    Los profesores que nos formaron eran de primer nivel, gente con mucho bagaje en el campo de la docencia y también en el ámbito de las materias específicas de EF.
    En cuanto al plan de estudios, es muy acertado que aproximadamente el 70% de las clases sean prácticas, ya que la práctica es lo que realmente te prepara para poder dar clases y enseñar a los alumnos de forma adecuada, fluida y provechosa.
    Recomiendo esta facultad a toda aquella persona cuya vocación sea la enseñanza.

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  • Satisfecha

    Tiene todo lo que esperaba. Es una buena universidad en general y todo el campus es magnifico a parte de que se encuentra en el centro de la ciudad y tienes acceso a todos los sitios de interes a pie.

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  • Alba
    Good university

    I have been studying in this university for 6 years. I study veterinary medicine here. My opinion is that this is a good university but there’s a lack of money that the students notice. For exchange students they try to make them comfortable. There is a lot of extracurricular activities like sports or tutoring programs at a great price. Also, if you want to study a new language they have a program with de modern language center and it is also very cheap. The best they have is the investigation programs because they rank as one of the first in Spain. The offer of graduate programs is very broad, from veterinary to nurse and law. This is a quite excellent university but the problem is that more money would be better.

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  • Good but it needs sone modernisation

    I attended the Art History lessons for one year.
    It is still 100% memorising, like in the old times.
    Usually the young teachers try to change the way of doing things, but they barely stay at the university, most of them have short contracts and then they leave.
    Mostly the teachers are old-school.
    I liked the subjects of the degree because they looked much different as other art history programs, but there’s still a lot to change.

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  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC).

    No está mal, peor podría mejorarse implementando un modelo de enseñanza más basado en la práctica, así como en la interacción, y menos en la teoría y el estudio sistemático de toneladas de apuntes. O al menos así me sucedió a mí cuanto estudié allí, promoción 2.008-2.013, pero me consta que a día de hoy sigue un modelo bastante similar tanto en los Grados como en otros cursos realizables a posteriori.

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