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What Is a Computer Science Degree?

The passion for technology can lead you to choose the specialisation of Computer Science. This field has become increasingly popular in recent years, the development being so rapid that people are trying to keep up with it.

A Computer Science degree deals with the theoretical and practical foundations of information technology and computers. The scientific part merges with the practical one in various algorithms, information processing or in computational models. This specialisation often aims to study methodological processes, making representations on a computer, storage, or accessing information.

At the same time, the study of Computer Science focuses on the learning of programming languages, which are extremely important for any student. Python, C ++, Java are just a few of the programming languages ​​that are explored in depth by students in order to solve the applications received from the faculty. Furthermore, on the labour market, programming languages ​​are highly appreciated and integrated, being a useful tool for optimal performance of industries.

Benefits of a Computer Science Degree

The most important skill that young people learn following this degree is the use of programming languages. Once they grasp the logic of programming, they will easily be able to master the languages ​​and build or develop WEB applications. Additional skills that are acquired can be: network design and engineering, software engineering, multimedia design. In addition, classical skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving or time management are also gained by students.

According to recent studies, 6 of the 10 best jobs chosen by graduates are linked to Computer Science. These include Web Design, Computer Support Specialist, IT Operations Technician or Database Administrator. Moreover, the employment rate is favourable to the students, being over 70%. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is expected that the supply will grow in the future, requiring computer science specialists in any field.

Computer Science Degree Structure

To study Computer Science, students can either pursue university courses or follow courses online, depending on their availability and income. Online or outside-university courses include disciplines such as: Information Systems Management, Game Programming, Web Development, Network Fundamentals. They usually have a duration of 2 years. Although these courses provide important skills in this specialisation, students may be disadvantaged when competing with a student who has a Bachelor’s Degree. Some of the most important campuses in the world include Penn State World Campus, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (The Division of Online Learning and Continuing Education), Saint Leo University.

The Bachelor in Computer Science lasts around 3 to 4 years, depending on the university. Throughout the programme, students acquire mathematical knowledge, theoretical and practical foundation in programming. Some of the subjects discussed are: Computer Programming, Data Structures, Databases, Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory or Statistics. These vary according to the curriculum of the university. 

A Master’s program complete the students’ necessary career skills. In this way, they have a greater understanding of computing softwares, tools, packages, and computer architecture. 

There are Master programs that can be followed even by those who have not undertaken undergraduate studies in Computer Science, such as those offered at the University of Birmingham for example. These programs can take either 2 to 5 years. 

A PhD program is especially dedicated to those who want to research or become university professors and can last between 4 to 5 years.

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  • Computer Science
    UOx: Tech Education Redefined at Mapua University

    From the vantage point of a Computer Science student, I find Mapua University’s UOx (University Online) and Asynchronous Learning Platform to be a remarkable asset in augmenting my academic journey. This platform offers an array of sterling features, specifically designed to meet the demands of tech-savvy learners such as myself. My appraisal of this service is highly favorable, as elucidated below:

    Streamlined and Intuitive Interface: The Graphical User Interface (GUI) strikes a commendable balance between user-friendliness and sophistication, making it navigable even for those acquainted with intricate technical interfaces. The streamlined approach to various features – from submitting assignments to engaging in discourse on discussion threads – makes this platform an ease to navigate.

    Accessibility and Flexibility: Given the nature of a student’s life, laden with multifarious commitments spanning studying and working, the asynchronous nature of UOx provides an excellent solution. The ability to view lecture recordings at my convenience, as well as access materials via cloud storage, eradicating device compatibility concerns, adds immense value to this platform.

    Superior Learning Tools: The platform’s gamification feature is particularly noteworthy, encouraging user engagement through an award system. Moreover, integration with third-party applications, notably Moodle LMS, significantly broadens the scope of available learning resources.

    Robust Monitoring Dashboard: The platform integrates real-time analytics and reporting, simplifying the management of educational programs. Such insights afford educators an understanding of their course reach, looking into student engagement and usage statistics. This feature also assists administrators overseeing platform deployment across various campuses in tracking user behavior.

    Customizable Grading Systems: Recognizing the diverse evaluation preferences among educators, UOx allows the creation of tailored grading rubrics, aligning with individual teaching philosophies. This flexibility provides a fair and precise assessment, greatly benefiting the students.

    In conclusion, I am sincerely impressed with the functionality and foresight embedded within Mapua University’s UOx and Asynchronous Learning Platform. The comprehensive range of its potent yet accessible features brilliantly caters to the unique demands of tech-oriented learners. As I anticipate further delving into its expansive benefits, this platform undoubtedly sets Mapua University as an appealing choice for aspiring Computer Science students seeking premium education in Southeast Asia.

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    Programme: Computer Science
    Degree: Bachelor's
    Graduation: 2023
    Delivery Type: Online
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