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Master’s in Media, Communication and Advertising


Over time, the educational system has gone through various changes which have to lead to an increased number of opportunities for students. Along with the globalisation of and strong emphasis put on marketing came a need for people who specialise in communication, media and advertising.

Here, at EDUopinions we have done our research about completing a master’s programme in this field – its importance and the challenges that might arise.

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Why is a Master’s Important?

The last year of university can be overwhelming for many students – not only because another beautiful period from our 20s has ended, but also because of what comes next. Many of us can feel the pressure of our family and friends, or even acquaintances, who always ask us ’ ‘what will you do after you finish university?’   ‘Will you do a master’s?’ ‘Will you continue with your studies?’ Even if these questions might seem confusing, the answers always lay within us.

So why is it important to have a master’s degree? According to recruiters, one of the first elements that stand out on a Curriculum Vitae is the education section, and particularly information about a master’s degree. This can be easily explained by the fact that a master’s gives students a broader overview of a specific field, which provides them with a set of unique skills required to perform. Nowadays, more and more companies and start-ups looking for well-educated people with a strong academic background who can add value to their business.

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Master’s in Media, Communication and Advertising

Are you a creative person? Do you like talking to people and understanding them? Passionate about branding and visuals? Then a master’s in Media, Communication and Advertising might be the right answer for you.

For those who are not that familiar with this programme but are still curious about it, a master’s in this field helps you develop critical thinking and efficient communication. It covers topics related to new media, including social networking. Moreover, you learn more about branding, copywriting and digital marketing.

We gathered some of the best universities all over the world from which you will become an expert in Media, Communication and Advertising: the University of Winchester, University of Westminster, Boston University, Universidade Lusufona and the list goes on.

Challenges in the Field

As the market demand for professionals in communication and advertising grows, so does the number of graduates in the domain. This can be challenging when it comes to finding a job and starting a career as many people have such a degree. What makes the difference between you and any other master’s student? Your creativity, flexibility, pro-activity, aesthetic skills and willingness to learn and develop! Getting the proper education is not the ultimate key to success, it is just the beginning of a journey – what is more important is how we shape the journey and what we learn throughout it.

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Taking the above mentioned into account, a master’s degree in Media, Communication and Advertising will give you the ability to understand the needs of the market and how you can satisfy them. As Jef I. Richards said;  ‘creativity without strategy is called art, creativity with strategy is called advertising.’ So what about you? Will you consider studying a master’s programme in Media, Communication and Advertising?

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