The Best Universities to Study Business in France Based on Student Reviews

The Best Universities to Study Business in France


Are you thinking of studying in France?

France is a prosperous country. Its annual growth of 1.5% and an unemployment rate of 9.5% shaping the foundations of a stronger economy. Its bright future is supported by new political ideologies promoting innovation and investments. The largest country in Europe has become a great destination to study. Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, and Toulouse are student cities, hosting several thousands of international students each year.

This article retrieves relevant information about studying in France. I will give personal recommendations about schools, accommodation, parties, and travel. At the end of the article, you will feel prepared and excited to leave stress-free and confident. For more information about studying in France, such as visa requirements, student accommodation and tuition fee information then visit our dedicated France page.


Some of France’s best schools: Most schools offer English-spoken programs.


Paris Sorbonne:

World’s top university specialized in literature and human studies.

Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

Université Paris-Sorbonne


Top school of engineering in Paris

Toulouse Business School

The second Toulousian business school is growing its reputation. It offers the same courses as the previous two. The workload is medium to challenging. However, a student can find a side job without risking university failure.



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More about France

Numerous professional opportunities :

Finance :

According to the QS ranking article, Why Study Finance in France, reveals France is likely to become a financial superpower because of the presence of international financial institutions. Living and medical expenses are less expensive in France than the UK or other European countries. A one-bedroom apartment in downtown Toulouse costs 500-800€/month. You will be paying 300-600€ for the CAF reduction. All students are eligible. Visa norms also seem lighter simplifying administrative procedures.

Retail/luxury :

The top 10 companies capture $2.1billion net of sales (41% of the market total worth). Very profitable and stable, the luxury market is not affected by market changes or inflation. The boom of tourism combined with the consumption of emerging countries secure the exponential growth of the market. France and Italy lead the European market and benefit from a world known luxury brand image. (Deloitte, 2017)


The Country:


On the same footing as retail/ luxury, gastronomy is a profitable industry in which market France is a pioneer actor.

Tourism ( Wine tourism )

Despite a pitfall (-10%) in summer 2016, Tourism is a high-value-added sector in France. The aeronautical industry is booming and as a by-product impacts positively the sub-sector of Tourism. Wine Tourism is familiar with studies of management in the wine sector (TBS, wine bachelor degree).

Sustainable development & technology industries should become the next industry on the rise with a favorable political policy. The current government emphasizes the role of technology in the economy and states that incentives will be given to sustainable development sector.



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Moderate expenses

France is known for its generous social policies. The rule applies to the education sector. Indeed, students and international students are eligible for student health care and insurance, scholarships, state aid, consultation. Institutions like the CAF or the Crij specialize in helping students award financial help. Furthermore, as an international student, you are even eligible for tax reimbursement. More detail on government.

Vibrant culture

The South of France has good weather conditions. Outside activities are then preferred. Toulouse is a beautiful city for walks and strolls. The city centre is small, and every inch is walking distance. Public transportation is very cheap (10€/ month). Also, the Mediterranean Sea and the ocean are respectively 2 hours driving or 3 by train; comfortable for weekends and getaways.

Furthermore, good quality food is found at an affordable price. Exotic restaurants are trendy, and you will have no problem finding Indian, Thai or even Nepalese restaurants. Ubereats operates in the city; My favorite restaurants are Forno Gusto and Boli café.

Traveling is easy and relatively cheap in the south of France. The Basque Country and La Provence are fantastic for mountain treks and water sports.


France has lots of professional opportunities in several industries and sectors. Furthermore, studies are relatively cheap but benefit from European top academic knowledge. The country meets the needs of all students. Indeed, the south of France offers a Mediterranean lifestyle whereas Northern France offers a more modern one. What are you waiting for?


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