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The Best Business Schools in France for International Students


France is known to have some of the best business schools in Europe and around the world. For this reason, the country attracts students from every corner of the globe to study degrees in business, finance, marketing and the like. In this article, EDUopinions will list the best business schools in France for international students to help you in deciding where to study.

Is France A good PLACE for international students?

Though its reputation may not be the most welcoming, France can actually be a wonderful place for international students. The country is very generous toward its student population, offering loads of discounts, government support and very high quality teaching to young people. As for social life, it definitely helps to speak French, but even if you are learning there are bound to be plenty of people in your shoes, as the country is home to thousands of international students. Once you find your bearings, studying in France can be a true pleasure, with delicious food and wine, a healthy work-life balance and some of the best business schools in Europe.

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Is it expensive to live there?

In general, France is not a cheap place to live. That said, the cost of living outside Paris is considerably less than in the pricey capital city. In addition, students from the EU can benefit from many government support schemes like rent assistance and even some spending money. As a rough estimate, students in Paris should be prepared to spend between €1000 and €1800 per month. Elsewhere in France, monthly budgets range from €600 to €1600 per month.

Do international students get jobs in France after graduating?

Why study marketing

If you are a student from the European Union, finding work after your studies in France is very doable (granted you speak French). French employers are especially keen on recruiting graduates from the country’s top business schools, so be sure to read on!

If you are not from the European Union, staying in France after your studies is a bit more complicated. In order to retain your right to live and work in France you will have to find contracted work immediately after graduation or apply for an Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour which would allow you to stay in the country for 12 months while you search for a job.

EDUopinions’ list of the best business schools in France for international students:

INSEAD Business School

Beginning our list of the best business schools in France for international students, INSEAD is an excellent option to consider. Its main campus is located in Fontainebleau (just outside Paris) but the school has campuses across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. INSEAD prides itself on its founding values of diversity and entrepreneurship, meaning that international students should rest assured that their presence is an integral part of the school community. Offering masters, doctorates and open five-week programmes in countless different fields, INSEAD is a great place to continue your studies in business or learn how to reorient your previous degree for the business world.

HEC Paris

Another excellent option for international business students is HEC Paris. The business school has recently undergone a vision-shift, now emphasising the unprecedented rate of change in the business world. Equipping students with knowledge and experience to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the industry, HEC Paris is a world-leader in business education. Their student body of 4,500 represents 111 different nationalities, making for highly diverse classes. In addition, their network of 125 partner universities makes international exchange easier than ever. Without a doubt, HEC Paris is one of the best business schools in France for international students.

EDHEC Business School

Next up on our list of the best business schools in France for international students is EDHEC. One of the oldest business schools on this list, EDHEC has been educating entrepreneurs since the school was founded in Lille in 1906. Since then it has expanded additional campuses in Nice, Paris, London and Singapore. One of the few schools on this list to offer a bachelor’s degree, there is certainly something for everyone at EDHEC. As for international students, EDHEC goes as far to provide an entire team of staff members dedicated to ensuring the smooth arrival of international students in France, helping with everything from banking and insurance to organising social events.

Rennes School of Business – ESC

Rennes School of Business - ESC - campus

Rennes School of Business is located in the French region of Britany and is another one of the best business schools in France for international students. It is simple to see why when you take a look at their student body and faculty; 95% of professors are non-French and 55% of students are non-French. This degree of diversity makes for an especially welcoming environment. Aside from being highly-international, Rennes delivers real results for its students. 62% of students find employment before graduation, with 95% being employed less than six months after graduation. Altogether, Rennes is an excellent business school to consider with so much to offer international students especially.

The American Business School of Paris

The American Business School of Paris offers an international study experience in France. It was founded in 1985. Ever since then, the institution welcomes students who want to study through American educational methods while experiencing the French way of life at the same time. The school offers BBA, MBA, DBA and many more. It’s part of the IGS Group and is accredited by the IACBE. The courses are fully taught in English. In addition to receiving an American degree at the end of their studies, students get a French degree certified by the Government. The multicultural campus which offers students training in a cross-cultural environment, is another advantage of studying at the American Business School of Paris.

Montpellier Business School – MBS

Montpellier Business School - campus

Owing to its location in Montpellier, the Montpellier Business School is another one of the best business schools in France for international students. 20% of the city’s population are students and 43% are under 30 years old. These demographics are part of what makes life in Montpellier so friendly and welcoming to foreigners. As for academics, MBS is another Grande École and offers bachelors, masters, executive and MSc degrees. In addition, the school maintains close contact with industry-leading international brands like Air France, Orange, Dell and L’Oréal to help students network and gain business in-sights even before graduation.

Burgundy School of Business

Next on our list, the Burgundy School of Business is easily one of the best business schools in France for international students. Providing bachelors, masters, specialised masters, MBAs and short-term programmes, Burgundy’s degree offerings are numerous and diverse. A few of their programmes are especially well-suited for international students looking to work in France following their degree. The MBA in Wine & Spirits Business or MSc in Management of Cultural Enterprises and Creative Industries favourably position graduates for work in some niche French industries. In terms of internationality, Burgundy is another business school with a high proportion of non-French students, with their student body representing over 75 nationalities.

ISC Paris Business School

Emphasising a multicultural framework and a pedagogy based on action learning, ISC Paris Business School is another top-notch business school in France for international students. AACSB accredited and a member of the Conference of Grandes Écoles, ISC Pairs Business School distinguishes itself in being a “school on a human scale”, with students’ needs always coming first. Academically, ISC offers a BBA, MSc’s, MBA and DBA programme and prides itself on offering some of the most sought-after specialisations, including IT management, financial analysis, entrepreneurship and data management. In short, ISC Paris is a high-quality, uniquely supportive business school in the heart of Paris.

ESC Clermont Business School

ESC Clermont

Last but not least, ESC Clermont Business School is another highly-ranked institution known for being ideal for international students. Offering both a bachelor’s and master’s in management, in addition to MSc degrees in five lucrative business fields, ESC Clermont sets up graduates for success and is ranked in the top 5% of the world’s business schools. In terms of student life, the school also has a lot to offer. Located in Clermont-Ferrand, you can be sure to find your place in this friendly and affordable city alongside 42,000 other students. For these reasons, ESC Clermont is hands down an excellent option for international students looking to study business in France.

Hopefully, this list has brought a few schools to your attention and will help you narrow down your options for studying business in France. If you have any further questions, be sure to check out EDUopinions’ other content for more advice on anything and everything university related!

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