6 reasons why you should choose Spain in the Erasmus program

6 reasons why you should choose Spain in the Erasmus program


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Why should choose Spain for your Erasmus program

Studying in Spain is one of the most exciting experiences that international students can enjoy all over the world. The possibilities of training are not limited to the professional. Trust us when we say this is definitely an opening for mind-blowing and unique opportunities for personal growth. The educational system is tailor-made for foreigners, more so the cultural diversity and the festive lifestyle are just some of the incredible side attractions that this country offers.

Barcelona and Madrid are the first two incredible cities we are referring to when we talk about Spain. This isn’t surprising giving its innumerable historical, cultural and recreational factors. The icing on the cake is that the reputation of Spanish universities is further boosted by study centres pitched in beautiful cities like Málaga, Valencia, Salamanca, Granada, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Santiago de Compostela.


Cultural diversity

Spain is one of the most multicultural countries in the European Union, so it’s absolutely normal to have foreign students with diverse origin and culture. To put things in retrospect, in most of the universities in this country, you will find people from different cultures; this makes the training and experience much more enriching.

On the one hand, for Hispanic students, sharing the same language is undoubtedly the main competitive advantage over other European destinations. On the flip side,  for Anglo-Saxon students, it is an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish.



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Value for money

Compared to the rest of Europe, you will notice that the price of tuition in Spanish universities is quite affordable in general, one of the most accessible. This is because Spanish university education offers an excellent relationship between cost and academic quality.

In both public and private universities, the amount paid by students varies according to the number of credits which they enroll with, the grade chosen and their academic performance. As a reference, a postgraduate or master’s degree can vary between € 2,000 and € 4,000, always depending on the number of credits in question.


Academic offer of quality and worldwide validity

The universities in Spain guarantee top-quality international teaching with a focus not only on the European labor market but worldwide. With a Spanish higher degree, your CV will not go unnoticed when looking for work.

Professionals from different industries recognize the quality of education in Spain especially those from business related schools. To this end, most Spanish universities appear in prominent places on the world rankings of European universities. In turn, it is distinguished mainly by the variety of programs taught in many disciplines and yes, the practical nature of those disciplines. Often, students must analyze case studies of international companies and are encouraged to attend lectures given by specialists from all corners of the world.


Students graduated in Spanish universities obtain international recognition.

The titles in Spain can be official, created by the educational authorities of the country, or own, elaborated and granted by the private universities. The official diplomas are automatically recognized by all the countries of the European Union, Latin American and other nations. Their own degrees, however, have the validity granted by the same universities.


Recognition of university degrees

International students should are not expected to take the university entrance exam so; admission is relatively easy. Interestingly, Spain recognizes and homologates academic qualifications obtained abroad. So, if a student comes from another country and wants to do a master’s or doctorate, his initial degrees obtained from let’s say his country is sufficient enough to help such student carry out verification processes. This procedure accredits the degree as equivalent to that required for Spanish students.



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New innovative companies

Spain is gearing up to enter the top 20  main hubs of startups in the world, little wonder why the country is concentrating its activity in Barcelona. This city in recent years has become a center of attention for large numbers of professionals around the world, thanks to the opening of new companies and with it the growth of entrepreneurship. This creates an ideal environment for students since they can surround themselves with experienced professionals who will no doubt skyrocket their chances of practising or developing their professional career after finishing their studies.


Culture and geography

The attitude of the Spaniards is synonymous with “fiesta”. Few countries can match the rich culture that permeates Spain. Throughout the year, you will find varied events and festivities that have become the centre of attractions for both local and foreigners alike. Surely Spain is an amazing placed where you can easily make new friends; the community is characterized by a receptive and open attitude, ideal for visitors who venture alone to the country.

The celebratory lifestyle merges with gastronomic culture and incredible landscapes. You will delight with traditional dishes and drinks such as sangria, gazpacho, paella and tapas among countless classics.

The Spanish geography combines beaches (it has more than 7,900 km of coast!), Mountains, rivers and islands with the Mediterranean climate. You will also notice that your strategic position on the map invites you to make weekend getaways to the largest European capitals and even to venture into the African continent.

Along with its rich history, you will be surprised by the magnificent buildings in this country. Without mincing words, the architecture in Spain is truly finessed. I assure you that you will not be able to stop falling in love with the panoramic views and the impressive architecture the surrounds this country.


This experience certainly offers a lot of opportunities not only for training but also exposes students the rich cultures and exciting social life in Spain Are you ready to do it?

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